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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    He worked at the stadium for a period of time in his role as some kind of safety inspector and backed that up with photos. He's now moved on to the Whitechapel station build. All the NWHL he used to share was first hand, but now he has left, he's getting it from colleagues still working there...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Arsenal

    I'll give Kane 6 for taking a good penalty under pressure and Lloris a 5 for a couple of good saves, but everyone else, including Poch, gets a big fat zero from me. Everyone was sloppy, laxidasical and lethargic. We deserved to have been thrashed, they were always in control. Poch deserves...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions
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    Lamela issues update after horrific head injury

    And special shout out to that useless **** Jon Moss who allowed play to continue whilst Lamela was on the floor with blood pouring out of his head.
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    Chelsea ripping Spurs in matchday programme

    What's that half cut off at the bottom? It looks like the whole page is an ad for a betting company rather than an editorial article. I guess you could say Chelsea would have a final veto about the content but just smacks of a marketing gimmick to me.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Paul Miller said this as well.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Mickey Hazard has just said on The Spurs Show from Monday night that he thinks the next test event (which he will be a part of) will be in 2 weeks time and be a legends game with an 50k attendance. He stuttered a bit once he realised what he said but then said "he'd been given a big clue"
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    The last BACS run was 24th August, so i'd expect to get the money back 24th Sept.
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    Stadium MK - Will you go?

    Probably not, but that's due to the timing, location and cost and nothing to do with how they were formed.
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    Who scored this goal?

    From 0:55, scores from a half-volley from a corner. Driving me crazy...
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    La Liga to stage one game a season in USA

    Always though this was a strange deal. In the US, you do see Premier League shirts from time to time, but very few LA Liga shirts. Even then they are always Real Madrid or Barcelona. I don't think i've ever seen another Spanish team out there. Or maybe that's the point?
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    The £1bn figure - which the club has always disputed - includes the hotel, extreme sports complex, medical centre, etc. All of which will generate significant revenues of themselves. The initial cost of the stadium itself was £400m but I think everyone knows it will come over that, what with...
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Same with me. I'm not demanding loads of compo, free, this free that, but fucking hell they're even being stingy with their imaginary points system.
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    I'm glad i'm not the only one that got stun by that. Everything I read made it seem like you'd pay for Liverpool in the same way as Fulham but now they are saying you can *only* use it for next season.