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    Southampton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Ooops, must have clicked something with without realising when scrolling down the page on my phone - will remove.
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    Morgan Schneiderlin

    Sorry @SargeantMeatCurtains , meant to click "like" - corrected now! I blame dinky iPhone screens and girly finger nails!
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    Danny Welbeck

    Oops! Didn't realise I'd even rated it - must have been when I was scrolling down the page. Have just removed it! ;)
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    Louis Van Gaal appointed Man Utd manager.

    That does make sense and, to be honest, I don't think LVG would be a good fit for United all things considered. He's just not their type. They want a youngish (fairly amenable) long-term manager that can grow with the club like Fergie did and can build on his legacy. Also, aside from the squad...
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    Louis Van Gaal appointed Man Utd manager.

    That is definitely true - I worry though that they may bottle it a bit as they will feel under pressure to win all three games to keep up with Chelsea. Hopefully Chelsea will drop some unexpected points too though. Yep, hopefully they will give Pellegrini more time also. Hmm, it's probably...