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    The Soldado debate

    Pav! (n) Bad example. Pav didn't look like a striker, he had no coolness or composure in front of goal. He scored the occasional screamer, but to me his technique always seemed a bit 'put your foot through the ball and hope for the best'. Soldado looks a lot more savvy with his finishing...
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    The Soldado debate

    Whilst I don't think Soldado has been shit hot - I'm not too convinced Defoe deserves to start ahead of him purely because of his 'form'. Most of the anti Soldado posts in here are about his inability to score from open play in the EPL and lack of involvement during matches. Well... he scored...
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    First XI

    See signature.
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    The Soldado debate

    This isn't a knee jerk thread. This is someone with the bollox to make a thread about something most Spurs' fans are secretly thinking as well, but too afraid to admit. No-one wants to take the gloss of our Bale re-investment / solid start to the season. He doesn't currently warrant a 26m...
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    Who has been our best player so far?

    I remember reading Lyon fans' opinions when Lloris was coming to spurs. The recurring message was "he'll win/save you at least 10 points per season".. I was struggling to envisage a keeper being of that much importance throughout a season that he was that highly regarded. Now I can see what...
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    You have to delve deeper then that, it's not quite that black and white. I can totally understand Lamela's lack of participation so far. Comparing to him to Eriksen is a bad example, they might be the same age, but age is just a number. Eriksen has been a mainstay for Ajax for many years, in...
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    So how will Bale do in Madrid?

    15 goals tops this season I think - which most will consider a underachievement given his price tag; and quite rightly so. Does he have the capability to dominate in la liga? Yes - we know that. It's all about the freedom Ancelotti will bestow upon him. Free role? Great, he'll be fine...
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    Team v Arsenal

    Lloris Walker Daws Kaboul Vert Paulinho Dembele Towsend Eriksen Chadli Soldado Around the 60 minute mark I'd very much expect the team to look like the following ... Lloris Walker Daws Kaboul Vert Paulinho Capoue Lamela Holtby Eriksen Soldado That front 4 has great potential.
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    Christian Eriksen - Completed

    Haha, I use to be a regular poster back in the day. But life has since taken over and now this transfer window has magnetized me back towards the swinging pessimism and optimism that is SC. Seriously though, the ITK only came in a little while ago. The guys over in the Chat have been including...
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    Christian Eriksen - Completed

    Where has the Eriksen noise come from? Why is everyone so confident? I don't recall seeing any ITK or articles suggesting this is anywhere near done?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Autoglass Edition 20th August 2013

    If we're going around breaking transfer records, does anyone else not think we can do better then Willian for 30 million? Another 30m for Lamela too? I seriously doubt this is going to come off. Must be bale money if so. Potential pre-arrangement with madrid to permit us in spending the cash...
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    Spurs v Bolton FA Cup Match Thread

    Thank god for that! Hope he recovers fully in good time. Good news.
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    Spurs v Bolton FA Cup Match Thread

    When their are fully trained professionals on the field of play and taking him through the tunnel / on his way to hospital. Highly unlikely.
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    Spurs v Bolton FA Cup Match Thread

    redcafe had that breathing tweet about 30 mins or so ago. I hope its true!! But I wouoldnt take anything on twitter at face value unless from a official source. Dont know what to say, im agonisingly refreshing to hear some positive news on the situation. Hope for the best, thoughts with muamba...
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    parker vs QPR

    Yet to taste defeat in a spurs shirt, same for adebayor - both great great signings. Seriously, a great buy.