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    Tottenham Vs Wycombe Wanderers: Match Thread

    Actually feel sorry for them. They played really well and I think we were a bit complacent. I think they deserved to have another crack at us at home in front of their fans. Can be a cruel game.
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    His name sounds like an adjective for mistake. For example "getting married was one of the biggest clattenburg's of my life" or "I think that last pint may have been a clattenburg" or "I think shagging that bird last night was a clattenburg".
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    Martin Petrov (Has gone to Man City)

    I have a good feeling about this one. We will have a true left winger for the first time in donkey's. If this does go through i'd be happy if that was the end of our signings. I know we could use another quality CM but with the amount we have spent this season I wouldn't mind if we wait on this...
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    Expectations for next season.

    Top 4 would be great. At arsenal's expense. If we don't it seems like we'll lose berbs and probably become less attractive as a destination for talented players. A trophy and 5th would be acceptable in my opinion but i'm not sure whether it will be enough to ensure our star player's remain.
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    Our indispensables

    I think dropping Robbo from Spurs would be too drastic but maybe a rest from the England side would do him good. Make him fight for his place so that every time he comes out for us he has something to prove. I really think the best keeping he did for us was before he he got the England jersey.
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    The NBA Thread

    I love Miami and I can't believe they won the championship. I started following them when Zo went there because he was my favourite player. They never quite there with the Hardaway Zo partnership and then Zo got kidney disease and they weren't goin too good for a few seasons. Zo left but I still...