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    Lloyd Kelly

    I got it from the google, so could well be wrong.
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    Lloyd Kelly

    Sadly he is only 5 ft 10in. Not saying a CB can't be that height, it's just a little unusual.
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Agree with both of your points. He could play at the top level in Italy for a long time.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Palace

    Toby, Sissoko, Foyth and Davies were all excellent. Wanyama and Aurier were good. Dele wasn't at his best but made a big difference to our structure when he played deeper in the second half. Moura was lively in patches. Rest were 'meh'.
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    Team for Palace...

    What I think Poch will play (if Dier is out): Lloris Trips - Sanchez - Toby - Davies Sissoko - Winks Lamela - Alli - Moura Kane
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    Team for Palace...

    Will Dier be fit to play?
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    US College Football thread

    Yeah, also kinda my FSU. My god they are terrible now. Jimbo leaves and a few seniors, but overall not a huge change in playing personnel and yet they look like they have never met each other. They are absolutely atrocious. The offence looks lost and the defence can't tackle. So farking bad. I...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Cardiff

    First things first, that was a shocking midfield (obviously due to injuries). But if Lamela was fit to start, we really needed to go 4-2-3-1 with him as the #10. Anytime Eriksen isn't fit, Lamela needs to be the go to back-up. Dier, Sissoko and Winks together was a bit OTT against a...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Dunno. I can think about after that video is fucking paving. So much paving.
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    Team v West Ham - Carabao Cup

    ... and this cup game is the least important. B side needs to play - and start Llorente FFS!
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    Match Ratings Match Ratings v Watford (H) (League Cup)

    Really bizarre. Llorente seemed reasonably sharp in preseason; had lost a bit of weight and I thought he might get some more chances. Surely this was the perfect opportunity. Genuinely gobsmacked he didn't start him. He's the only back-up striker we have. What sort of message is that to send...
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    Match Ratings Match Ratings v Watford (H) (League Cup)

    Well that's weird.
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    Match Ratings Match Ratings v Watford (H) (League Cup)

    Didn't see the game - absolutely baffled that Llorente didn't start. Who played up top?
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    Let's raid the relegated french clubs

    To be fair to SK (probably the only time I will say it!), those players were actually a pretty good shout back then...
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    FIFA to limit player loans

    This is great, mainly as it shafts Chelsea!