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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    I seem to remember Poch saying something about Trippier last season...about how he had a newborn at home and hadn't been getting much sleep. He wasn't being picked to start because his mind was not 100% focused and he had irregular sleep, as he was getting up at all times during the night. Or...
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    Lyon attacked again....
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    Jake Livermore tests positive for cocaine

    I'm guessing on a shiny mirror like surface??
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    AC Milan Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Bain non, tabernac. Va chier.
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    Which SC'er should manage Spurs?

    Bus Conductor as First Team Coach and Spursking as Director Of Football... Spursking has final say on player transfers. One thing guaranteed: the post game ratings threads will be a must read...
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    New member of staff : David Webb

    Plus Rob MacKenzie joined as Head of Player Identification at Tottenham Hotspur in early Feb.
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    Sir Bobby Charlton - England's Greatest Player

    He wasn't bad...but his brother, Jackie, was taller.
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    Wrong Player Sent Off

    We should test this out by adding a poll. Poll Question: "If you had committed a Red Card offence but the referee mistakenly showed the card to Bus-Conductor, would you...?" 1) own up to the crime 2) allow Bus-Conductor to take the walk of shame 3) Goat
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    Adrian Esparraga - New Technical Scout
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    Im back!

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    Tottenham Vs Chelsea: Match Thread

    ...and speaking of Thibaut Courtois, (which we weren't) I can't help but always think of this commercial when I see him:
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    Tottenham Vs Chelsea: Match Thread

    He actually said about Hazard (I think it was) that "He's a great ball manipulator".
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    Pitch invasion challenge video

    I think you are on to something here. They could line up a pack of numbered dogs on the touchline and when the voice announces over the tannoy: "Release the hounds!" everyone could start betting on which number would be first to come away with the perp's genitals.
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    Paul Mitchell Joins Tottenham

    Looks like he's left football