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    Match Threads Spurs vs Inter Milan - Match Thread

    what was the attendance
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    Laughable fellow Spurs fans at the game

    half and half scarfs , please not at the lane
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Chelsea

    on the train home what a great result but the shame it wasn't at the lane , wembley is a soulless place . Tottenham rule London
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    Team for Palace...

    lets let palace worry about harry , son, ali, and Lucas and stop worrying about one player .smash em lillywhites
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs PSV Eindhoven

    winks superb , fullbacks dreadful .
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    omg west ham blowing snot bubbles again
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    bale unhappy in Madrid maybe
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - Match Thread

    what was the attendance
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man City

    sanchez best game for ages
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    Hoddle in hospital.

    please be ok
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    Team v PSV Eindhoven

    winks plays most games now imo
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    Player Watch Ben Davies - Player watch

    average player
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    just to piss em off