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    Masons injury?

    At Seany... Nah, it was just a case of fat fingers.. Had no idea I'd rated your post until I saw your comment!
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    ARSENAL v SPURS: Match Thread

    What did he say?
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    BAE - when he loses it.

    Would love one of those tee's! :hump:
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    World Transfer Thread

    So Falcao has gone to Atletico Madrid for a fee of 40m € plus a possible extra 7m depending on clauses... As much as I would have liked the player, and think we could have competed for his signature, that fee is way over the top.
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    Match Thread: Tottenham Vs Everton (Carling Cup)

    a pm otherwise maybe? thanks in advance..
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    Everton getting tonked in Europa Cup

    I'd say their league form has already been hit. 3 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses so far and only met Arsenal of the teams in the top of the table. I'm sure they'll pick up eventually especially as Moyes besides the loss of Lescott seems to have brought in some decent players in Bilyaletdinov, Heitinga...
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    Villa - Man City

    Yeah, ironic.. :grin: Quite enjoying the game so far really...
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    Villa - Man City

    So, the last game before another international break. What result do we want? Would definitely prefer a draw myself, but I guess it depends how serious a threat anyone sees Villa to our top 6 aim of the table... So far I'm more concerned by Villa than by Everton really... think Everton has...
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    Rose and Parret play in U19's win

    Along with Townsend who's in the same squad but has been getting less pitch time then the other 2 if any.. not really checked that.
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    Ricardo Rocha leaves the club

    12 players in total being released there.. that's quite a bit, but nice to see the overall squad being trimmed. Hope the bunch of promising u18 lads will be stepping up to various levels next season (loans, reserve action or even some first team cameos..)
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    Chelsea v Barca 2nd Leg

    Yes, Alex miss the final... how long is Carvalho out for exactly? Ivanovic to come in for the final then I guess..
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    Chelsea v Barca 2nd Leg

    At least not today... Xavi has been missplacing far too many passes, Eto'o and Messi have been very inactive and only Iniesta has been his inventive usual self..
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    Chelsea v Barca 2nd Leg

    Oh, guess it just feels that way as Chelsea are pressuring alot more and higher up compared to at Camp Nou then.
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    Chelsea v Barca 2nd Leg

    No suprise, Drogba dives ... but chelsea are putting alot more pressure on Barca this game and guess the smaller field makes a difference too, giving Barca less space to just pass around and hold onto the ball without being pressured.
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    Champions League tonight

    Well, United 0 - 1 Porto after 5 mins.. bit of a mistake from Evans gave Porto the lead..