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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    My favourite spurs and England player, the heart beat, unsung hero or whatever you call it. Ultimate professional, fantastic technique and a die hard attitude, takes no prisoners - should be our captain in the World Cup, no doubts what so ever in my mind.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Juventus

    Character and determination are two things Spurs just weren’t associated with over the years. We showed it last night. But we also showed our niavity too, no getting around that, in fact we seem to be our own worst enemy at tines. Better decision making at the back and we could be going back...
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    Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Thread

    We seem to beat ourselves. Poor start, great show of character something very unspursy in the way we battle back. Lamela was superb, great to see truth be told - him back is like a new signing. Dembele - beast. Still a lot to do, but away draw with goals is decent.
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    Kane: Zero to 100

    My boy will be reading this!
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    Do Spurs need to upgrade on Hugo Lloris?

    Weird thread. Lloris is one of the very best in the world. Comments about weird footwork clearly don’t understand goalkeeping, his footwork is second to none and it’s the reason why he gets himself into great saving positions, because of quick feet (unless they are talking about his passing...
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    Victor Wanyama interview - Spurs' biggest diva, best player etc.

    Very different training with people all day every day to seeing from a fans perespective on match days, but yeah I get what you mean
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    Victor Wanyama interview - Spurs' biggest diva, best player etc.

    Danny Murphy even said Dembele was the best player he Ever played with and he’s played with some greats!
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    Reminds me of Ledley. Cracking centre half
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    The England Thread

    I really hope Southgate keeps going with this, it’s been so bad with tournaments, just let the youngsters play, get experience and let them show us what we can do. Makes you wonder why in this country these kids cannot get a game. Makes you realise just how important Poch is to the England...
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    Tottenham vs Real Madrid - Part II: The Match Thread

    Best thing about this, is that we can just rest key players now until the next round starts, essentially 100% focus on the league. Unbelievable position to be in!
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    Do we need Dier now?

    Unreal. Only here would this happen. One of our best, yet most under rated players.
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    Gareth Bale to return to Tottenham Hotspur?

    Of course it’s speculation. That being said, we are a Bale away from the title and CL contention. The boy is dynamite. I’d snap anyone’s arm off to have him in our team, possibly including my mums. I may let myself think about that for a moment before reality hits me.
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    Is my boy too competitive, agression in Sport.

    Trix which club mate? My lads at Reading, 11 year old playing for u12’s this year. There is a distinct difference between school ability and academy level ability. This causes issues, the academy boys are fierce, quick, strong and taught to play at 100% all the time, where as at school, the...
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    I honestly believe the title is between City and us. I know there’s a lot of talk about Wembley and United under Mourinho. Apparently we’ve been shit so far, yet 3 points off second place. Still can’t stand Mourinho’s anti football...
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    Are you happy with our squad?

    Yep, very happy. Kept the core together, built the squad out a bit, good work all round. Now let's put those side show behind us and start getting results!