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    Janssen stripped of Spurs shirt number

    Janssen? He erm.. chocked on vomit. Was actually someone elses vomit. They dont know whose it was. You cant like, dust for vomit. :ROFLMAO: Soldado? Spontaneous combustion. Adebayor? He died in a bizarre gardening accident. Authorities said best just left alone.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    Yeah. Shocking :cautious:
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    Christian Eriksen

    What a load of shite
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    New Stadium

    Where where they taken lol.
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    New Stadium

    Why are they building a boat in the middle of the floor. Thats just crazy :mask:
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    Player Jack Grealish

    Let it go. Let it go.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    I agree I thought he looked out of sorts yesterday but not at the world cup. Ball was bouncing off him yesterday and gave ball away a lot. Thats most unlike him. Baby probably keeping him awake all night as well lol.
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    New Kit 18-19

    I really like the colours. Not keen on the map idea. Would have preferred not to know. And agree its not very Spurs like. But I've seen worse. I like wearing shirts like that in the summer. Thinking about getting one despite originally thinking I wont bother this season.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Not sure I agree that he offered very little. He was offered absolutely nothing the whole tournament and fed off scraps. Watch Lukaku. He was threaded clean through about 3 or four times and fucked it up every time. Thats offering nothing. Kane never had a single pass to him in the box until the...
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    Match Threads Newcastle vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    I normally would agree as he plays well, is in the game and his passing is amazing but I thought today he wasnt at it at all. The ball was bouncing off him rooney style and he lost possesion a lot. That said we have no option so he has to stay on imo.
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    Premier League 2018/19

    Yes thanks. Are you seriously comparing the 2 games? Fairly certain our squad didnt cost 300m as well. Strange comment.
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    Premier League 2018/19

    This man u team are a joke. All that money spent, all those talented players and you get out played at home by Leicester. Fantastic.
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    Player Anthony Martial

    Crazy money lol? That means paying what he's fkin worth instead of getting him cheap.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Unless they're wearing an Arsenal or Chelsea shirt. Then he rips them to shreds :ROFLMAO:
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    5 Bold predictions for the 18/19 season

    (n) not possible