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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    I said last summer give him a chance and I'm so glad he's Improved of late.
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    Team v City

    Was out watching star wars, as soon as I saw Rose on the team sheet knew we would lose.
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    Has Sissoko had a fair go of it at Spurs?

    I'd give him to Jan to improve or sell but I have a feeling he will put in an effort just to get in the France squad for Russia
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    Siggy coming back to Spurs?

    I think he's a decent player just not for us a bit like Forlan couldn't score for utd but went abroad and did well you could say. For us I always felt he was always hitting the post or sending it wide and over (maybe felt pressure at WHL) and I don't think he would fit into Poch''s system...
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    We should be positive and hope that poch will eventually get the best out of him and janssen, it took lamela time hopefully they will improve.
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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    Something I keep thinking about but forgetting to say, should Janssen have taken/been given the number 18 shirt like Defoe and Kane, apologies if this has been mentioned before, I haven't read every page and I don't post much. COYS
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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    Was disappointed he didnt start, honestly think bar goal return from open play he has done alright most games he has played, he's been unlucky in that the games he played the team never actually created him many chances, maybe 1 or 2, he's held the ball up well. When we create 4-5 chances for...
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    Player Watch: Nacer Chadli

    Was a little gutted we sold him thought he would be great for squad depth this season as I don't think we strengthened enough but don't think I've seen him run as fast as he did for his 2nd goal against the spam, amazing he had a hand in 4 goals gutted I forgot to put him in my fantasy team.