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    Team vs Fulham

    Lloris Toby Sanchez Jan Aurier Dier Winks Rose Alli Eriksen Llorente Bench: Gazzaniga, KWP, Foyth, Lamela, Skipp, trippier, Davies
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    HT: Spurs 0-0 Man United (No Scorer) FT: Spurs 1-1 Man United (Rashford)
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Chelsea

    Gazzaniga 9 - MOTM Trippier 6 Sanchez 6 Toby 7 Rose 8 Sissoko 7 Winks 6 Eriksen 5 Son 6 Alli 7 Kane 7
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    HT: Spurs 1-0 Chelsea (Kane) FT: Spurs 3-0 Chelsea (Kane)
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    Team vs Chelsea

    Gazzaniga Trippier Toby Sanchez Rose Sissoko Winks Eriksen Alli Son Kane
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    Team V Tranmere

    Gazzaniga KWP Foyth Sanchez Davies Lucas Skipp Sissoko Nkoudou Llorente Son
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Cardiff

    Lloris 6 Trippier 5 Sanchez 7 Toby 7 Rose 6 Sissoko 9 Winks 7 Eriksen 9 Alli 5 Son 8 Kane 7
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    HT: Cardiff 1-1 Spurs (Hoilett) FT: Cardiff 2-1 Spurs (Bamba)
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    Team v Cardiff

    Lloris Kwp Sanchez Foyth Toby Rose Sissoko Eriksen Son Kane Lucas
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Obviously we all want Eriksen to stay, but if he decides to leave I hope we could agree a stronger contract in January, where we would be able to get a decent sum in return. If we were to sell him with the current contract we'd get peanuts compared to his true value.
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    Team v Bournemouth

    Lloris KWP Alderweireld Sanchez Rose Skipp Sissoko Eriksen Lamela Lucas Kane
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    I never thought I’d sat this, but if Dier and Sissoko were both to be fit, and I had to pick one to start, I genuinely think that I’d pick Moussa. Incredible how much he has improved. 🎶Oh Moussa Sissokoooooo🎶
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    Spurs Community Predictor Competition 2018/2019

    HT: Everton 0-1 Tottenham (kane) FT: everton 0-3 Tottenham (alli) Bobb 1 : 10goals Bobb2 : 7yellows
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    Team v Everton

    Lloris KWP Toby Foyth Davies Sissoko Eriksen Winks Alli Lamela Kane Bench: Gazzaniga, Trippier, Rose, Skipp, Llorente, Lucas, Son I think Trippier and Rose need some protection. Don't want them to be picking up another injury and would much rather we ease them back in. Lamela has a fresh pair...
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    Player watch: Danny Rose

    Solid game from Rose. Slowly getting back to his old self...