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  • Nothing to disagree with within my post, Dean got it wrong, there is nothing there that suggests otherwise - that decision lead to them scoring the opener, an opener that besides one sloppy mistake from Dier gave them the only chance of the half I can remember up upto that very point.

    Probably best you removed the disagree.
    For the record I'm not against Barkley's likely move, he's a massive improvement on Sissoko, he just doesnt get me very excited.
    Excellent response, I agree with the athleticism and higher ceiling part. I just dont think he's more creative, he did get more assists, but Ross had Lukaku to feed and Lanzini has Antonio and Carroll. I also get the feeling that most of the chances RB creates are more hopeful then on purpose bc he plays with his head down.
    Hi mate, dont mind u disagreeing, just like to find out your reasoning. I see Barkley's athletic and technical value just dont think he has the footballing brain to match Lanzini. It's a game of opinions Id like to know yours.
    I think Barkley is better in every aspect to be honest. More creative going forward, I believe he got far more assists than Lanzini. As well as being more athletic and powerful. I also think that Barkley has a much higher ceiling Lanzini, I believe Barkley is not fulfilling his potential whereas Lanzini is (if that makes sense).
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