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    Well worn cliches...

    On the thread on the Home Page, entitled JimmyG2's 'Style Guide' Part 3 it lists a number of well worn cliches and I hate all of them. The thread invites any new entries but offers no facility for doing so, hence this thread of my own. The well worn cliche I hate, and always have done, is just...
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    So what is a tin of SPAM supposed to mean? .
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    Cheers. Slightly embarrassing...
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    I stand corrected. Plus, someone I know and trust who follows De Ligt has revealed he has said this, after City allegedly tried to gazump our £55 million bid with a bid of £60 million... "I am going to make a decision with my head, not based on money. I think some players would be tempted when...
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    I don't know about you, but I don't speak Dutch and I certainly can't read it, but what I make of that is that little gobshite Kluivert who refused to join us last season when we signed his team mate Sanchez (even though his club sold him to us as part of the same deal) has been having words...
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    Player Thomas Delaney

    I know what you're saying but there may well be a 'marquee' signing to go along with a few more 'pragmatic' ones this summer. I'm not ITK but I have a feeling in my water that by the time we move into our new home, there may be a few exciting new faces on board. .
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    Player Thomas Delaney

    Just a note of caution here. I think it might be wrong to assess a player purely on the alleged valuation placed upon him. Remember the ridiculously low fees we paid for Lloris, Dele, Eriksen and Dier etc. .
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    I think Eric is seen much more as a defensive midfielder, which is his best position. I think he only plays centre back when we have a problem with injuries. .
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    I wouldn't surprise me if some of the 'retards' who phone in to this dickheads show are actually people who work for the station and are being well paid to do it, just to wind up the real fans even more. Personally I have never tuned in to this guys radio show but whenever his name comes up in...
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    Full backs where do you sit?

    Simple. Just tell him not to be tempted by a financially doped team who were probably going to be Premier League champions, managed by the former boss of Barcelona, or by a club prepared to triple his current wages. I mean seriously, if you give it to them straight, they usually get where...
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    Only a few weeks ago, we were ten points in front of those horrible bastards. Now, we are only TWO. For the first time in my life, I'm (virtually) speechless and I have a sick feeling twisting my guts around. If the worst case scenario happens and we finish up in the Ropey League with the scum...
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    Player of the Season (so far)

    If I had to choose our Player of The Year, it would have to be Super Jan. He has held our defence together all season long, and has been giving a master class to young Sanchez in the process. A close call between Chris Eriksen and Super Jan, but for me, Jan just nips it for his overall...
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    Levy plans to stay long term but must consider takeover bids

    Thanks very much mate, that makes an awful lot more sense. While I'm about it, are there any links to Paul Allen considering a bid for THFC after we complete the new stadium, or was that all bollocks too? :unsure: .
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    Levy plans to stay long term but must consider takeover bids

    If Paul Allen buys that heap of shit in East London and ploughs mega bucks into it, that might just about finish me off with football. I'm sure the dildo brothers and Miss Piggy would snatch his arms off for a mega sale like that. What a disgusting idea that is. Just thinking about that pikey...
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    The Cricket Thread

    Five of those have virtually no chance of being selected, thank God, and one of the three who probably will, should never get into an English test side again (Vince).