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    Mauricio Pochettino

    I think we've finally broken him. He's changed so much, even from the end of last season. It's like he was bitten by an evil insect and has turned into 'dark poch'. Seems grumpy, intolerant and stubborn. His last few press conferences have all been confrontational. Yes it will be in large part...
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    Match Threads Inter Milan vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Go ahead. Stop playing instead of pushing on. Lose. Watford all over again. Fucking wankers
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    Match Threads Inter Milan vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Got that eerie premonition that it's gonna be fucked in the first 10 minutes again. Heart says we'll be OK though. They aren't anywhere near the team they once were.
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    Our Fans need an upgrade

    Monday morning innit...
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    Our Fans need an upgrade

    It's tough to blame the fans when all we've had for the last 2 months is bad news. No signings (believe it or you don't, the fact is this team needed refreshing and strengthening), fuck knows when the new stadium will be ready, Lloris is off drink driving, no new contracts and murmurs of...
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    The next 5 games

    Forget the past 5, or the next 5, there won't be, and never was going to be any title challenge. That ended when we failed to improve the squad in the summer. 4th at best.
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    Boxing thread?

    What a shambles. GGG won that by 2 at the very least. Not to mention the he constantly jabbed his head off, he landed the better punches and hurt Canelo in the 10th I think it was. The typical American coverage told it all. GGG would clearly win a round and they'd give it to Canelo. How 2 of...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool FC

    I'd love to know the justification of playing our 3rd choice right back in this game. I just really hope we don't do what we seem to do every single time against liverpool and allow them to get in behind us. Look at the last few games they've played against us and Mane/Salah have been clean...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Suck up being at Wembley for the year, get everything 100% done and go in next year to one of the best stadiums in the world. Announce it now, people will bitch and complain, but they're going to anyway. I'd rather get things done right rather than go into a new stadium with scaffolding and wet...
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    Match Threads Watford vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Are people really suggesting Vorm was at fault for their goals? Jesus wept. Yes he isn't Hugo but what's he supposed to do about a flicked header at pace into the bottom corner, or a bullet header into the top corner from 6 yards? Lots of other players to blame. Vorm didn't lose us this game
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Save the rushing about and uncertainty. Do what you always said you wouldn't and take up the 2nd year option for Wembley. Get the stadium 100% finished and start again fresh next season after a summer of actually investing in the squad. Much better than slipping in half way through and using a...
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    I'm not an accountant but...

    Something else we can stick in the trophy cabinet then? As long as its invested in the team then fair enough. Same old story about value for money. We've had value for money for years now. To get beyond our current level we need to bite the bullet and accept that you don't get value for money...
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    I'm not an accountant but...

    Remember the agreement we have with a player from Spain? "it's alright mate, can you just hold on a bit until we see if we can get better? Don't call us, we'll call you"
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Remember when "none of our rivals have done business"? All of our rivals are addressing the needs of the squad, and Chelsea even bought a managers first choice player before he was appointed. Yet we've been working on deals since Jan apparently and can't get it over the line. Anyone thinking...
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    New Kit 18-19

    Fuck me some people need to grow up. Its a kit for fuck sake. Some of the reaction is embarrassing. It's not great, it's not awful. As usual it looks better as a full kit. The replies on twitter etc from grown men saying 'worst kits ever' etc 🙄 As for the prices, you know its going to be...