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    Yid Army vs Riots

    See, what you need is a 'final solution' to 'the problem'.
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    Yid Army vs Riots

    Well, I'd say the vikings were by and large pro multi-culturalism, seeing as they went across the sea and collected quite a few of your women and brought them back with them. Ohhhhhh...... :grin:
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    Yid Army vs Riots

    The inevitable 'didn't say those exact words' come-back. :clap:
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    Yid Army vs Riots

    :bs: The inevitable 'chuck out all the immigrants and everything will be okay' argument. Tsk tsk.... diversity, equality.. scary words for some.
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    Scholes and Spurs - a report

    Pires was there. Played towards the end. :hello:
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    The Fighting Cock podcast

    Well, I liked it.
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    Help needed

    In Norway, we are able to buy tickets through the local supporter's club. Maybe the Singaporean chapter can help you out. I assume there is one?
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    The Crouch vid

    Absolute bottom of the barrel.
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    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
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    Hutton gets carjacked

    Oh no you didn't!
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    Liverpool Full Match Download

    Check your inbox, mate.
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    William Gallas Is A Yiddo

    He is a centre back and wears the no 10 shirt. That is all I have to say.
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    Roy Hodgson

    Yep, only one man for me, and I love him n' he loves me! :bowdown:
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    Tottenham -v- Wigan | Full Match Download

    Oh brother.
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    A sinner repents

    I don't believe you.