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    Fernando Llorente

    He's just playing with 0 confidence which is the main problem. Reminds me of Soldado, though Soldado was at least excellent with his touch/technique and able to pass the ball around. Llorente offered just about nothing.
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    Giuseppe Rossi

    I don't hate it on a short term contract. It's a win win for both, gets him some spotlight and potentially one more transfer, gets us some short term relief and depth up top.
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    Timo Werner

    Literally just about meaningless. Those stats are reflections of the teams they are on, and to a lesser extent, leagues they play in and competition they play. How is Kane's xG a reflection of his ability as a striker? It's literally pointless. xG is created by the team as a whole, Kane is just...
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    Timo Werner

    Honestly I wouldn't be too disappointed if we miss out on him, watched a lot of him and don't think he is nearly as good as the name value he has developed. Particularly up top by himself I don't rate him at all and he has been atrocious for Germany in that role in the 4-2-3-1, but I could see...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Lucas, Son, Kane all out at once. Always something.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man Utd

    Lloris shouldn't be getting beat by Rashford on that shot, apart from that alright. Trippier made the fatal error, but did put some good balls into the box. Might be time to give KWP a longer look. Toby amazing as always, Vertonghen much improved from the last time I saw him v Wolves. Davies...
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    Team vs Fulham

    What's with the fascination to be the one who posts this thread? How are we supposed to pick a team until we know more about the injuries? Am I supposed to give you four lineups for all four possibilities of Sissoko and Kane being in/out?
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    Player of the first half season

    1. Toby 2. Sissoko 3. Kane That being said, with our squad the way it is I think Kane is still the most important in terms of just not really having a clear like for like replacement.
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    Player Watch The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    He's no Sissoko. But on a serious note, think he did fine today. Managed being on a yellow early pretty well and bounced back from that mistake.
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    Team Vs Burnley

    Lloris KWP Toby Jan Davies Winks Dier Lucas Lamela Son Llorente
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    Player Watch Player watch: Jan Vertonghen

    Absolutely shocking today. Awful, awful, awful.
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    Team Vs Brighton

    Son Lucas Rose Eriksen Wanyama Dembele Aurier Vertonghen Toby Sanchez Vorm
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    Poch once again fails completely [in-game] tactically. The Winks / Lamela sub lost us the game. We get MURDERED with this Winks Dier Dembele midfield. Two games in a row now. Eriksen and Aurier both were good.
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    Tanguy Ndombele

    For some reason I hate Hector Herrera, but he is 10x the player compared to Ndombele from what I've seen. Much rather have him. Quality.
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    Wilfried Zaha

    Moura/Son - Eriksen - Zaha behind Kane would be awesome if it happens. And can even throw a third attacker in there instead of Eriksen and drop him back into the two behind those three vs the weaker teams.