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    Player Josh Onomah

    i still think Bentaleb is a quality player. he was just ill suited to play the role Pochettino asked him to play for the season he and Mason started most of our games as our two midfielders. if anyone was going to take over from Dembele long term, it should have been Bentaleb. but as good as...
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    New Stadium Opening Countdown

    i am hoping it will be on my 40th birthday. Saturday August 18th 2018. of course, knowing my luck it'll be moved to the Sunday for Sky. w*nkers.
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    Champions League Final

    i'm also supporting Atletico tonight. as much as it might be boring to soak up pressure and hit on the counter, they are so bloody effective at it that i can't help but admire them, especially when they almost never thwack it long like Leicester do with Vardy. i'd like Bale to play well and...
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    has a man crush on Eric Dier...

    has a man crush on Eric Dier...
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    Hoddle: Wimmer can step up with Vertonghen out

    but i will say this I sometimes commentate on the German 2nd division for BWIN and, in 2013/2014, Wimmer was the best defender in Cologne's title winning campaign. he more than held his own the following season when Cologne finished a creditable 12th and only conceded 40 goals in 34 games (only...
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    Hoddle: Wimmer can step up with Vertonghen out

    as sarcastic as you meant to be, he's not really even that. Austria usually play Martin Hintergger at centre half (3 months older than Wimmer). i personally think Hinteregger is a thug in football boots, but Austria's manager prefers him and, given their recent record, who am I to argue?
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    Spurs agree £10m double deal for unwanted midfield pair

    i'm still annoyed at Poch for falling out with Capoue. as manager, you're supposed to manage the club and its assets. falling out with and then isolating players is just not good enough. selling him will prove to be a big mistake imo. Stambouli was never really wanted in the first place and...
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    Wimmer completes move

    every now and again i do some commentating on 2nd division German football for bwin and in the 2013/14 season i did Cologne a lot. he was the best defender on the pitch from the very first game i saw him. basically he's a slightly slower but much stronger Vertonghen. though i'm not expecting...
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    Agent: Spurs ‘keeping tabs’ on Turkey U21 midfielder

    having watched him play a few times on loan at Kaiserslautern, he is NOWHERE near Premier League standard. think of a slow, luxury Championship player and you have Demirbay.
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    Coach’s Advice Take a World Cup Star Abroad

    ''...At times, he still mistakenly refers to the distinctive London High Street as “High Road.” oh Americans... (distinctive High Street my arse)
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    Team v Leicester

    Vorm Yedlin, Dier, Kaboul, Davies Capoue, Dembele Lennon, Paulinho, Townsend Soldado Lloris, Chiriches, Rose, Mason, Eriksen, Kane, Adebayor
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    Tottenham prepare £10m bid for Saido Berahino

    10m? if they're going to make stuff up, they could at least make it believable.
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    AVB Interview

    in my opinion, AVB made three idiotic decisions. 1 - he allowed van der Vaart to leave. yes, we got good money, but had AVB categorically said he wanted him, he'd have stayed. 2 - he let BAE go on loan WITHOUT signing a replacement. as soon as Rose got injured, we were left with Naughton at LB...
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    Pochettino calls on fans to get Spurs into semis

    though i think the home crowd should be supportive regardless of how badly we're playing, all the team need to do is have a fast start and try and take their opponents on. if they did that then i don't think there'd ever be a problem. hopefully 1882 will be out in force tonight. they are true...
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    Ryan Mason has been at Tottenham for 16 years but he is finally an overnight sensation!

    i think we signed Paulinho because AVB wanted him. i very much doubt he was a Baldini signing. in my opinion, Baldini signings were Lamela and Chiriches. as for Mason - i agree that he needs a rest. i also think that talent wise, our best two Cms are Bentaleb and Dembele. getting them to...