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    Tottenham Vs Arsenal: Match Thread

    Too right. Where's all this confidence coming from? Delusional! Arsenal are favourites, and rightly so. Tonight is their best team against our (pretty much) best team. And their best has been better than our best for some time. We're closer to them than we have been for years, so now and again...
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    Final League position

    5th. So 5th. Obviously 5th. Was always gonna be 5th. I'm gonna say 5th.
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    We can still do it!!

    It's going to be fine
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    The Race For 4th

    Hope! Horrible, horrible hope...
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    Team V Ream Madrid (A)

    Yep, spot on - on both counts.
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    Team V Ream Madrid (A)

    Honestly don't think absence of Pienaar is any great miss. Have yet to work out what be adds. A willing runner. Great. Also, I don't think it ever works when Bale and Lennon play on their 'wrong' wings. People think it's a smart move, allows them to cut in and threaten goal etc, but they just...
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    Stats say Liverpool will finish 4th!

    They'll beat us at Anfield, I reckon. Hope I'm wrong, obviously.
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    Stats say Liverpool will finish 4th!

    Obviously the caveat to all this is what William Goldman said: Nobody knows anything. But, if you were forced at gunpoint (no, you're right, this isn't a likely scenario) to put a grand on us moving up a place or down a place (staying 5th means bet is null and void), where would your money go...
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    Next spurs manager?

    Ha, when Francis first came I thought he was great! And for a very long time he was the manager who'd got us our highest Premier League finish. Thank God that's no longer the case...
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    John Terry?!?!?!

    He can fuck the fuck off. Jesus. Never.
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    Next spurs manager?

    One danger with the Redknapp situation is that if it becomes nailed on/common knowledge that he's getting the England job, how does that affect how the players perform for him? How they view their contracts/future at the club etc? I know it shouldn't matter, but the season that Fergie...
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    Which Spurs player are you?

    Modric: Small, Ugly, Brilliant. Well, two out of three anyway.
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    Next spurs manager?

    I don't understand the bit about 'he wants the ride possible', sorry. And I wasn't assuming he's going to City, but if you're going to discuss Mourinho coming back to England and which club he might end up at, I think City have to be part of that discussion. What I was actually trying to say...
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    Next spurs manager?

    If Mourinho's coming back to the Premier League - and his pet journos insist that he is - then his most likely destinations are City and Chelsea. I think both clubs will change their managers this summer, for a start. City will offer to make him the highest paid manager in history and give...
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    Will our 'star' players stay this summer

    I wouldn't be surprised if VdV left, and I don't think it would be a disaster if he did. It would say more about him than us, I think. He's a bit of a nomad. He came here almost by accident in a very last minute deal. And he has a disproportionate effect on our shape and style. He's a great...