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    ITK Discussion The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 1st December 2018

    He did similar with Ajax to ensure they always got some money. Although i believe they were only ever 1 year deals.
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    So I imagine it’s either Real or Barca. In the case of both clubs I’m not entirely sure if they have the massive amounts of money that it would require to get him. I know that sounds crazy considering the stature of the two, but oil barons and TV money have had a massive effect on them not...
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    Adrien Rabiot

    The only reason I'd be interested is potential re-sale value. With all the shit he's (and his agent mother) pulled at PSG I genuinely can't see him being here longer than two years.
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    Dennis Man

    I’d hope not. Figured it was more just ignorance or an over simplification of identifying players.
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    Dennis Man

    He is such a ridiculously massive Man U fan that I can't see how he doesn't end up going there.
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    It's interesting that what he's generally given us so far is goals and a goal threat when he's always struck me as much more of a creative/supporting type of player.
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 18/19

    I now always make plans to go out with friends on Thursdays and make an extra point of inviting Arse supporting mates.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    Both goals were all about effort and not giving up on the play. Several Barca players really shut off on the first goal, I guess because they were expecting the whistle for the foul, because at least two of them could have gotten to the ball before anything happened.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    He is so much a Dele Alli style player it's ridiculous. Right down to his petulance as well.
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    Bottlers?, nah sorry.

    Meh. "bottlers" is just an overused term now for anytime a team gets a loss or a draw at this point. It's becoming a more and more meaningless term by the day.
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    Dennis Man

    I'd rather we just take good players wherever they're at. I'm not saying this guy is - I know nothing about him, but I personally don't really give a damn where we find our gems.
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    Dennis Man

    Kind of a stupid way to look for talent if you’re simply going by nationality. By that method we wouldn’t have Son and would never be interested in players like Pulisic. And by “kind of” I mean it’s an incredibly stupid way to gauge talent.
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    Marco Asensio

    Great talent. Although considering our limited funds I'd rather we look at upgrading the midfield and fullbacks rather than adding more attacking talent.
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    Harry Kane

    Hmmmmm quoting the Daily Star. Totally legit. For sure.
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    Tonny Vilhena

    Was considered a big prospect in Dutch football several years ago, but never lived up to the hype at all.