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    3 Favourite/Best spurs players you have seen

    Best Hoddle Gazza King Favourites Hoddle Perryman Ardiles
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 26th August 2017

    The type of player we want and that will improve our first team, especially an attacker, is also the type of player who thinks they have a chance of Madrid, Barca, PSG, Man U, Citeh etc etc. It is not just a question of asking their club how much and Levy handing over the cash. They will have...
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    Is the squad over-training?

    My "bloody well hope so" was the hope that better things were around the corner, not that we would continue to be served up this drivel!
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    Is the squad over-training?

    I was being a bit tongue in cheek with the last bit but was kinda serious with the first. I really find it hard to believe that the players have stopped pressing against the orders of Poch. That means Poch must be in control of it. Why would he do that when it was so successful last year...
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    Is the squad over-training?

    I have a theory and its a very optimistic theory. We haven't been pressing. Surely that instruction has come from Poch. We only really did it against City and we were excellent that game. My theory is that Poch is doing this to avoid an end of season burn out and as a result of so many...
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    Spurs in Australia

    It did say Spurs V man City on the programme info but played from the previous week. I reckon they just played the wrong clip - tossers!
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    Spurs in Australia

    Waited for the Spurs TV showing of the Man City game this arvo and they showed the bloody Boro game again!!! 'kin 'ell.... I am hating this Optus shit...
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    Before a ball is kicked, what will define a successful season IYO for 2016/17?

    Finish above Arsenal......please
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 1st February 2016 THE FINAL DAY!

    To qualify as a really good window for us we have to first and foremost keep our best players - mission accomplished. I think that the club is generally very happy with the squad as it is. We have team harmony (not to be taken for granted) and the youngest squad in the league. I read...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 27th January 2016

    It might not be a relative at all - could be any citizen .....
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    Moussa Dembélé

    2 Moussa Dembeles, theres only two Moussa Demebeles..... I will get my coat
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    Holtby has gone.

    Remember his first game coming on as a sub at Norwich away I think it was and was very pleasantly surprised. He moved the ball on really quickly and played with great energy and enthusiasm. But he was never that good again! Very strange....
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    Best Football since Bill Nic ?

    Yes thats true but I think teams now are so much more organised and disciplined that it makes the defensive tactics so much harder to defeat. Thats why there is so much lateral possession these days, trying to draw the opposition out.
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    Best Football since Bill Nic ?

    Sadly I think that it is modern football that has changed. When Hoddle, Ardiles & co were playing I just don't remember teams coming to WHL and just parking the bus, trying not to lose. At least not ever bloody game. Maybe I have rose tinted spectacles on for that period but games seemed more...