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    Kane hits out at claims he 'came back too early'

    definitely not fit ! must be this golden boot thing
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    Southgate tells Dele Alli to grow up

    mate your a clown, who reads to many newspaper.
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    Pochettino: Tottenham will never buy their way to trophies

    That is another indication,Poch is not a ho !
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    Pochettino defends Alli over diving allegations

    The media needs a story and a villain to go with it
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    Pochettino defends Alli over diving allegations

    don't believe the hype ! its a witch hunt
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    Have Spurs won race for Sessegnon

    Please explain ?
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    Lucas Moura's class and commitment a plus for Spurs

    he reminded me of Townsend, until he scored, Then I realised, he nothing like Townsend.
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    Lamela's resurgence critical to Tottenham's success against Juventus

    Lamela needs to start converting more of the chances, he has had in games. Should have scored at the weekend !
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    Newport County set to help Juventus

    Agree ! Tear them a new one
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    Dele has talks with Poch over form

    Dele Dele ! i hope and pray,thats not you on that whattsapp vid,whats going about. plz plz don't let it be you
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    Liverpool vs Spurs Match Thread

    that was the shortest version of u never walk alone u will ever hear lol !
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    Newport v Spurs - team news

    BREAKING NEWS ! The mighty Man UTD are heading to Yeovil with that turncoat Sanchez in tow, with 200 million worth of talent on the bench, just in case the tie gets a bit tricky The world can't wait.