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    Jarrod Bowen

    Gonna have to explain this one I’m afraid...
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    Agreed, for a while they didn't have that many truly detestable players other than Wilshere, combined with the fact that the fans knew they were rubbish and got somewhat back in their box for a few years. Now they've got a whole new generation of utter bellends (Bellerin, Aubameyang etc) and...
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    Didn't realise Arsene Wenger was on this forum :cautious:
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    Jarrod Bowen

    Sounds like he's the bassist for some semi-mainstream mid-2000s indie band. I'm going to go Maximo Park.
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    Ballon d’Or 2017 nominees

    So you're saying I could helicopter my cock with total impunity in front of all of my colleagues?! Sounds like too good an opportunity to miss :playful: (But yes, Solveig fucked up)
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    The Banana incident

    Challenge accepted
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    The Banana incident

    Not sure why this is getting funny ratings. Scientists reckon eating around 400 bananas in a single seating could kill you. Say there were 4,000 Spurs fans on Sunday, if 10% had brought bananas, chucked them unpeeled at the Arsenal players and one of them had eaten them all on the way back to...
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    The players owe us

    Dier's finger to the lips suggests and the passion of our players after our equaliser suggests we do care. We played poorly and got beaten by the better team on the day, that's all.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Juan Foyth

    Oh come on, Sanchez is very good and has all the attributes, but Vertonghen has been fantastic for the last season and a half. He's just come back from injury and had a shocker yesterday but he's a world class centre back.
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Anyone know the rules on selling merchandise at Wembley? Thinking of ordering a million of these and flogging them outside the stadium before the next home game
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Amazing - thanks team!
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Is anyone any good on Photoshop? Would love an image of Sissoko's head on a goat's body to put on a personalised mug for my Chelsea-supporting boss (serious request, I just got him in Secret Santa). Would repay you in much love and goodwill.
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    Premiership VAR arrives next season

    I do agree with you BUT what do you suggest happens if the referee asks for VAR to review a particular incident, but then the replay shows a different infraction? For example, the referee asks to check if the striker is offside, but then in the replay he notices that another player in the...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Completely agree. And based on the above, he's definitely the new Luka Modric...or Tom Carroll. :cautious: Joking aside though, had a shaky start to the season when he was coming back from injury but he's looked very good in the last few games.