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    The Tennis Thread

    Its an amusing cartoon that's all, nothing in it to suggest any ...isms.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Of course with the stadium not being finished not everything is bolted down and it is Liverpool visiting it does make sense.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I'd rather the stadium was finished and safe than rushed through and something awful happening. This stadium and club will be here for years a few more months will be worth the wait. I'm not shocked at this news and was speaking to a Liverpool fan I work with and said weeks ago that the...
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    Erik Lamela signs new Tottenham contract

    ...and promptly got booked for stealing the pen. Great news I think he'll be as good as a new signing this season.
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    The England World Cup Thread

    You left out Columbia. The problem is we were drawn against these teams and did what we had to do to win one way or another. I get you're playing Devils advocate, but in footballing terms this is the best England fans have felt since 1996 when the real meaning of "Football's coming home" was...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    I find it hard to criticise because we did so well, but he took 20 outfield players but kept starting the same 11 when others could/should have started, to keep it fresh. Young looked old and Rose a left footed wing back should have started last night Sterling had a poor tournament and other...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    Couldn't give a toss what other fans say, in every game England scored a Spurs player scored. I was proud of each player regardless of which club they came from. I was following England but was proud of the way our boys performed. I just hope Southgate can lift them to win the third place play off.
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    Tottenham Premier League win or England World Cup win ?

    As it stands England winning the World Cup. The lift it would give to our boys coming back would be a huge boost for them. This could be the closest they ever come to the ultimate dream for any player.
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    Alan Gilzean (born is the king of White Hart Lane) RIP

    So sad to hear of his passing. A true legend of the Lane. It was great to see him back on the last day RIP King Gilly
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 20 (3 July)

    Completely agree, The best ref they have on TV is Dermot Gallagher, liked him when he was a ref and on Sky.
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 20 (3 July)

    Ignore Clattenberg, he's probably the worse ref to give an opinion. Neymar went down with out being touched and even didn't know if he'd been kicked or elbowed. Henderson had a head go into his chest the raised to his face ie violent conduct. Eric Dier said he had suffered a cut lip because of...
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 20 (3 July)

    I think there is a difference about rolling around when you haven't been touched and bringing violent conduct to the referee's (VAR's) attention that brought a yellow card (which should have been red).
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 20 (3 July)

    Worry about that when it happens enjoy The World Cup for now,
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    FIFA confirms Kane’s Tunisia treatment prompted VAR crackdown on holding

    I don't know if he was that good, I've seen him have a few bad games but he oozed authority. Even if he got things wrong you believed he was right. no one ever tried to intimidate him and that was good. Referee's need to be stronger, the one for us against Panama got fed up with their antics and...