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    Summer 2015 Non-Spurs Transfers

    So am i m8!:p. Guessing it was a missclick while scrolling down on my phone.
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    Which Premier League manager are you

    Tony Pulis, So no need to worry if we find ourselves in relegation battle just give me a call (y).
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    Complete Our Squad: 3 Players

    1) McCarthy 2) Berahino 3) Iturbe Wildcard- Luca fcking Toni!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - NEW STADIUM ITK! 25th June 2015

    Anyone know if we have any interest in William Carvalho if we fail Morgan? Was rumoured to Monaco earlier in the summer and if that's the status of the clubs chasing him this summer i feel we could compete and have a chance to land him since arsenal who was heavily linked with him in the past...
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    Tottenham Vs Swansea: Match Thread

    Like the starting eleven alot and have the strange feeling Townsend gonna be brilliant today!.
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    Just seen a swedish site report that Ruben Lameiras is signing a contract with swedish club Åtvidaberg, dont know if it's a loan contract or permanent deal tho. Anyone know if we rate him or if we're willing to let him leave?
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    Tottenham Vs Fiorentina: Match Thread

    Cant belive "the passengers" paulinho and soldado still are on the field.
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    Tottenham Vs Fiorentina: Match Thread

    Okey Paulinho i have my doubts about u but no better time to show me wrong. Shoot us to the quarter-finals pls!
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    Tottenham Vs Chelsea: Match Thread

    Fucking amazing game!. Played without any fear from the start. So happy with the way poch is developing us just keeps getting better and better. COYS!
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    Centre Forward Required - Apply within!

    Lavezzi?. Pacey with alot of running in him and also some nice experience to our young squad. Would also fit in nicely with our argentinian connection (y) Maybe not willing to move from PSG but i think it would be worth a try.