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    The post was critical about what they present, not them personally I dot know them if you think that its OK for someone to call me a prick then that's your prerogative I suppose! As per usual sledgehammer to crack a nut with you!
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    No just a bit perplexed that they will want to interview supporters at the game who just want to go and watch the football! They present as a couple of chancers and that's just my opinion. It would not be a good image for Spurs fans if we sink to the lows that other clubs have such as AFTV and...
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    Doubt that very much: You are rubbish and do not represent what Spurs fans want: We don't want replicas of AFTV which is gaudy at best and raw sewage at its worst: Don't lose your day jobs if you have any lads!
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    Poch press conference

    Listening to that Sun Journo who wrote the Rose story on radio : He had the bollocks to state that some of the players would be supporting Rose without quoting any credible sources! Some of these wanna be journos should give it away. Even Simon Peach who is an obvious mouth piece for United...
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    Poch press conference

    Club needs to ban all Sun journos from any future club press conferences or functions, or at the very least ignore/belittle them.
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    Just saw...

    Did Eriksen get to have a piss first?
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    Tottenham in talks with Parker over joining club's coaching staff

    Parker is a real special bonus signing!
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    Tottenham set for Alderweireld contract talks

    The world has read your post !
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    Tottenham in talks with Parker over joining club's coaching staff

    Lets hope it goes better than the Seggason negotiations?
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    Hillsborough inquests

    With all due respect, how long will this keep going for, don't the victims families need closure?
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    Wimmer's agent: Tottenham making him too expensive

    Presents as a very good club man and plays for the shirt why are we selling these people? Need to keep them now we will be playing in 4 comps this season with clear aspirations of winning the league at least!
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    John Terry's guard of honour in last game for Chelsea...

    He has more time now to engage in his favorite hobby shagging others wives!
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    What the pundits are saying about us

    McNulty has always been anti Spurs: He is slag journo who has all the class of a turd dropping into the bowl!
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    Liverpool Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    We are fighting for the title a win is vital
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    Anti Spurs bias on BBC

    The BBC are rank anti-Spurs: McNultty and co just love to stick it into us. Them and the Daily Mirror/Sun love to let everyone know that we are transferring most of our team and the manager is going to Madrid. What a pack of hyenas!