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    Sissoko could face ban

    I challenge there are no Sissoko haters, merely people who question the value, worth suitability
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    Tottenham table £35.9m bid for Marcelo Brozovic

    Heres Pochettino's take on it I suspect it wont make a difference to the fans who are expressing their dissatisfaction and they will dismiss it as Pochettino...
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    Tottenham table £35.9m bid for Marcelo Brozovic

    I'm very sceptical about that...
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    Tottenham table £35.9m bid for Marcelo Brozovic

    The teams that were above or competing with us over the last 5-10 years, Leeds, Villa, Newcastle, Blackburn, Newcastle and Everton have fallen away due to not being sensible or bad decisions. But here we are without the resources of 2 Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, but still...
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    Alli shows his class with gesture for his friends

    But you can treat her respectfully without any finance involved.
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    Alli shows his class with gesture for his friends

    Would be great to hear he made up with his mother, that story was unpleasant.
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    Danny Rose wanted by PSG

    Don't let the facts get in the way of your axe grinding................;)
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    Eriksen vs Modric: two little wizards duelling in the sun

    They are alike in the importance they are to their respective national teams. Neither team would be as effective without them.
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    Trippier has always been able to step up when it matters

    Well that's a simplistic look at it, the opposition was Tunisia. He has his weaknesses which can be exploited by top class opposition. In the right set up he is an asset but If he and Walker could be rolled into one we would have one hell of a right back.
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    Trippier produces incredible World Cup stat vs Tunisia

    We prefer Diers sideway and backward passes..........:)
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    Tottenham pricing Dembele out of Serie A transfer with £30m valuation

    Who is the last player to retire properly for us? I mean like Carrick is for the Manc's.
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    Spurs tracking Stuttgart youngster Benjamin Pavard

    No we're not. Sanchez has already replaced him and we have Foyth who will potentially be the best of our recent centre backs and also theres CCV. If we do buy Pavard it will be for his future potential and he's unlikely to see any game time the coming season.
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    Dissapointed the plans didn't prioritise coming to some agreement with Alderwereld but we can only do what we can afford. Fantastic news otherwise.