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    Spurs on verge of Riqui Puig capture

    Danny Rose suggests you Google him! ;)
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    Dembele ready to end Spurs career and move to China

    To be fair, it's an elaboration on another story that was doing the rounds about a month ago, in which Dembele was said to be looking for a final 3-year contract at Spurs. According to the reports, Spurs were unwilling to offer more than a single year extension to the existing deal, which will...
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    Champions League 2017-18

    I'd agree, though that doesn't mean that I think that ATA is God's gift to football. I genuinely believe that Kyle Walker is the embodiment of the Peter Principle - i.e. he's risen to his "level of incompetence", demonstrating that good performances for Spurs don't guarantee similar...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    Middlesbrough. Currently sitting in the last of the play-off places but they'd still have to overcome the likes of Villa and Fulham to see your dreams fulfilled! :woot::woot:
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    ...but, as Arsenal now see with the likes of Stan Kronke, investors aren't necessarily driven only by the glory of winning. It's still possible to build a good business case around just being an underperforming PL club with an affluent support base. :)
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    Since there's no way that RA can expect simply to splurge £150m and buy the title again, perhaps his Plan B is just to sell up (particularly now that he's sitting on planning permission for the new stadium) and move on? New owners might even be able to convince an incoming manager that he...
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    Poch on Kane and Alli

    But Poch's comments aren't for their benefit. He's come out in support of one of his players because he knows the impact that his intervention is likely to have on the squad as a whole. It's the sort of response that Don Revie and Alex Ferguson would have made in the same circumstances.
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    Poch on Kane and Alli

    My nomination for the most pointless comment in the press in recent memory is "...and his form has not improved on the international stage, with the former MK Dons player struggling as a substitute against Holland and failing to come off the bench against Italy." The wording seems to imply that...
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    Wanyama injured on international duty

    The article explains that he's still carrying the knee injury picked up in pre-season and is being accompanied everywhere by one of the Spurs physios. (It all rather begs the question as to why he was allowed to go on international duty in the first place, but I guess that was the Kenya FA's...
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    Interesting interview with Eriksen

    If anything, he draws attention to the fact that his own success has been helped enormously by his understanding and anticipation of his team-mates' movements, and the structure that Pochettino's given the team, i.e. it's the perfect counter-argument to the endless transfer speculation found in...
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    Player Watch Ben Davies - Player watch

    But neither of those transfers out put meaningful funds back into our transfer kitty. It was the money from the Walker transfer that funded Sanchez.
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    Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus - Match Thread

    At least in the PL, there's the likelihood that this type of serious foul play will be punished retrospectively. Am I right in assuming that this isn't the case in the CL?
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    FA chief exec Martin Glenn admits VAR wrongly disallowed Spurs goal vs Rochdale

    He's just playing politics here. Although IFAB has authorised the use of VAR, there are several Premier League clubs ready to block it, so Glenn is trying to persuade them that the recent difficulties were due to incorrect implementation by the officials.
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    About 5 years ago, he was so close to a move to Sunderland that he put down a deposit on a house there. I sense that he would have been a comfortable fit in that shambles....
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    Harry Kane: Tottenham ‘turn down’ £177m Real Madrid bid

    It just gets better. Last week, they were taken over by that traditionally Spurs-supporting bastion of journalistic standards, the Daily Mirror. As was said at the time, "Trinity Mirror has said the takeover will lead to £20m in annual savings, which means job cuts and the pooling of...