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Apr 6, 2006
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Feb 24, 2018 at 7:04 AM
    1. Bobbins
      Thanks for the random Spam rating for absolutely no reason!
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      2. we_all_loved_freund
        Err, I think that was the other way around!?! I rated your post and you retaliated by neg reping one of mine. Whatever, don't really give a shit. If you want to neg rep my post just because I said one of yours was spam, you carry on. Merry Christmas
        Dec 22, 2015
      3. Bobbins
        Well, nope, since I rated yours long before you gave me the Spam (yesterday afternoon compared to yours at 9.40 this morning). Clearly you only spammed me due to that. Otherwise why would you rate a post that got plenty of Funny ratings from everyone else as Spam when it clearly isn't. Whatever indeed.
        Dec 22, 2015
      4. we_all_loved_freund
        We'll looks like you are right. Your doh rating did come before my spam. Not that I saw, though. I gave the post a spam rating because it was crap. Get over it.
        Dec 23, 2015
    2. ohh_when_the_spurs
      my girlfriends dad uses it to watch alot of celtic's games...i have watched a fair few games on there...i forgot about the paypal issue...i didnt know how to set up the payment thing they accept! anyways enjoy mate COYS
    3. ohh_when_the_spurs
      Check the site out its very reliable...cheers for the rep!
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