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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    In the future will we be able to increase the capacity?
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    The Race to the Title

    Cheers lightly64
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    The Race to the Title

    Next Sunday beat villa and we go 2pts behind Leicester who have there game rescheduled due to FA Cup, teams will drop points we just need to go into the Liverpool and man yoo games with momentum from knocking Dortmund out and 6pts from villa & Bournemouth. Stay positive folks none of us expected...
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    Would a Leicester win, a City win or a draw benefit us more?

    City win, only because if we don't win it I would rather they did
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    Top four finish?

    The season has not been poor, this is how the league should be different clubs up there competing not the usual top 4 clubs running away by Xmas 20pts clear of everyone else with media crowing how good it is seeing them steam roller the rest week in week out. Times are changing with the new TV...
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    What do we need to do...

    Leicester maybe shipping a fair amount of goals in, but boy are they taking there chances upfront this season and its refreshing for the premier. We have joint best defence with arsenal and man yoo but currently we are too reliant on kane for goals and if he doesn't score we are on edge for...
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    What do we need to do...

    Last realistic time we should of won the league was in 85 was competing on all fronts but lack of squad depth in them days with burn out costing us and Everton pipped us in the end. I am all for Leicester upsetting the usual top 4`s Applecart and hope they go onto win it, but for a sustained...
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    Tottenham Vs Chelsea: Match Thread

    Just need to bring our game to them and let that do the talking, while avoiding all antics they use. Can see us running riot
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    Are Liverpool doing a "Spurs" take 2

    Meeja need reminding pool spunked over £100m on flops Andy carroll and co under king Kenny long before bale went, and they were at it again summer gone and still don't look title contenders. Let them remain in the spot light with there stuttering results while we go about our business and finish...
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    Adopt a player..

    Put me down for pritchard, think he will surprise a lot of people and pundits out there
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 7th August 2015

    Added to toby, trippier and wimmer with Pritchard and alli within first team squad also would be great as you say.
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    sorry jerry i-phone accident was giving you a good rating mate, tell me what page will change it

    sorry jerry i-phone accident was giving you a good rating mate, tell me what page will change it
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    Morgan Schneiderlin

    Spurs9 as a side we are so static, too many players stand there waiting for ball to feet.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22nd May 2014

    We only need folk who are committed to to giving there all for the club(like nacers interview). Bar Hugo our squad is not littered with world class players so I don't get the tired trotted out players will leave phrase, were they going to Newcastle? Villa? We don't know which of FDB or Poch will...
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    Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    As long as the first team and squad has been strengthened which is currently happening and we are stronger when the window closes than at the start that is all what matters, leave the financial stuff for general levy to worry about.