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    Stadium Update - December 2018

    What exactly is a "fully-integrated digital stadium" anyway?
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    Robbie Keane retires: Ireland hero with the record to back it up

    I will never get tired of seeing that last goal against Chelski, fantastic!
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    Spurs v Chelsea - team news

    Our back four looking a bit threadbare, not what you want before a visit from Hazard and his pals.:(
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    Alderwiereld wants £150k per week

    Id be happy to get that a year!
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    New Stadium: Tomorrow and tomorrow and ........................

    At this rate why dont we just stay at Wembley and call it quits?!
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    Pochettino outlines why it can be hard to convince some new players to join Tottenham

    But is this really different from any of the teams in the top six?
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    Pochettino outlines why it can be hard to convince some new players to join Tottenham

    Our 3 attempts (Soldado, Janssen, and Llorente were all good in theory but have all been unfamiliar with the English game and the club. cant say that Llorente was unfamiliar with the English game.
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    Support for 'fantastic' Foyth

    I said it would look like punishment, to him, which would undermine his confidence.
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    Support for 'fantastic' Foyth

    What would be the point of dropping Trippier? He made a stupid mistake in the heat of the moment, and I am sure he knows it. Dropping him will just look like he is being punished, which will do his confidence no good at all. Although he can make the odd mistake in defence, he compensates for...
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    Lloris expects to quit club before retirement

    Thats the first time I have heard that about Lamela's inability to train every day, anyone else seen that in print elsewhere?
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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread

    I would think hes saving Lamela for Tuesday night.
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    Mauricio Pochettino praises Tottenham's England players

    I thought Dier's challenge was perfect, hard as nails sure, but totally fair, I wory sometimes that football is becomming a non contact sport, and kind of physical contact gets punished to the point where players will be reluctant to tackle at all!
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    Match Threads Spurs v Barcelona - Match Thread

    At least the support at the ground sounds fantastic, what an atmosphere!
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    Spurs v Barcelona - team news

    But he wont. :banghead: