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    England 'aren't going to win' World Cup because of Tottenham players - Tony Adams

    OK, let him have it!:finger:
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    Alderweireld interview

    If you saw the headline and thought this was going to furnish you with the answer to the only question anyone really cares about, is he planning on leaving this summer?, then you will be disapponted!
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    Lucas looks forward after five key months

    I wonder if he was disappointed by how little game time he got? I know I was.
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    That goal he scored against Chelsea is one of my all time favorite Spurs memories
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    Spurs on verge of Riqui Puig capture

    Why cant we ever just 'sign' a player? According to the media we always seem to 'swoop' on them, then 'capture' them, makes me feel like we are a bird of prey!
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Leicester City - Match Thread

    We should never play Sissoko, anywhere.
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    Pochettino picks out unsung pair for praise

    So I guess Sissoko isn't going anywhere this summer, :(
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    Mauricio on Jan’s Injury

    from a position of 10 points behind not that long ago! :mad:
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    Spurs plan Mawson, Bertrand double-swoop

    Cant see Daniel splashing that kind of cash of players of that age.
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    VDV: I shouldn’t have left Spurs

    Just imagine having him in the side now, playing with Harry.......