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  • lol you don't have to be gay to like any of those things :razz: I guess my search will go on to find the "perfect" man :wink:
    I suppose I am....unless you tell me you love clothes shopping, cooking, giving massages, never moan about anything, likes cuddles and kisses etc :wink: they you definitely wouldn't be "typical" :-)
    You will just calm down and try to do a bit at the time, I don't think the itk thread is helping you much though :razz:

    Well what with new rumours about Llorente and thoughts of you in black and orange y-fronts its enough to make a girl all hot and bothered :wink: :lol:
    Oh dear thats not good, I shouldn't laugh really at the thought of you running round like a headless chicken trying to get it done but it is quite funny :silenced: :lol:

    Those y-fronts are lovely, great colours, very sexy, nice thougts now to keep me going through the day :wink: :razz:
    Yep its looking like it, no excitiment, no buzz at all for the new season, when I think about it I just feel nothing :cry:

    How's you anyway? wearing nice coloured y-fronts today? :lol:
    I'm guessing he's at training with his own club :cry: Beginning to think all of these itk's know nothing, and I include the god like potl in that :roll: Instead of speeding up like I though we are almost in neutral gear :evil:
    I should really stop saying things like that, always gets taken the wrong way :wink:
    Did you see me saying I wanted motion in the ocean yesterday on the thread? :lol: I was talking about spurs of course :whistle:
    Oh well if thats true then he's no use to me, don't need anyone lacking in that department :razz:
    Depending on what you look like in them that might not be such a bad thing :lol: You may get welcomed with open arms :razz:
    I think things might be picking up at long last....the ride started of slow but seems to be gathering pace :wink:
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