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  • Thanks I appreciate that...I don't think he expected the comments, nor did I for that matter, you guys rock!
    Yeah, you can say that again! Yeah, I should be in the B&H tomorrow night, catch you then.
    I am indeedy. ;-)

    Cheers for letting me know mate - I'll have a look at that vid! :up:
    I really should check my home page profile thingy more often, anyway, Hax has done an Ashes special......apologies for the delay in replying....i'm new here!
    No mate, it was just that I said earlier in the thread that I would give neg rep if anyone went wrong in the game! (I've already said Dimitar Berbatov!)

    Nothing personal mate, will be doing it to all people! I even got neg rep for getting it wrong in the football game!
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