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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Watford

    Played completely into their hands, no real cohesion (or indeed midfield) at any point, and a deserved loss. Worst I've seen us play in a long while.
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    Stanislav Lobotka

    A couple more v positive scouting reports:
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    "Big club with ambition".
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 30th June

    Would be a bit off an odd move to build a huge, beautiful stadium and not couple it with 1 or 2 statement signings. Seems a bit two steps forward, one step back - which is admittedly quite a familiar feeling.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 10th June

    Was referring more to the *choice* (aware that i might be unavoidable) to sell to direct rivals, rather than the sale of unhappy players.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 10th June

    Can't deny that there are startling similarities between this Toby fiasco and the 'things have changed' narrative this summer, and the Walker to City deal last summer. Hope it's different but clear parallels already appearing.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 1st June

    Would be surprised if it turns out to be a Toby/Martial swap or a new contract - under the impression that, generally, cryptics tend to be about targets who are either new or not yet in the mainstream media, hence the point of a cryptic.
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    Player Accomodation Block

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    Player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    Assuming this is in reference to De ligt? In which case yeah for sure, but also think the CB situation is slightly different this window. We already have 2 highly competent, experienced replacements in Jan and Sanchez, as well as Dier and Foyth so a development prospect, especially one with the...
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    Player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

    Best Dembele replacement in World football. Have been saying for ages that if we want to be considered a big club, if we lose a top player like Moussa we have to replace him with a player like this rather than a development player.
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    Can guarantee that a City/United would just go out and replace Dembele with Milinkovic-Savic - a straight, CL quality player who'll improve the side. Unfortunately that's not really our style, but I'd say this summer could be a good time to change that ever so slightly if we want to progress.
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    Would be v happy to let Rose go in some sort of Martial deal, then go for Sessegnon with the saved money.
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    They're literally all walking clichés.
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    If you watch the video of De Ligt leading the Ajax chants last season, aged 17, I think it tells you all you need to know. Kid has the brain of a veteran, has everything needed to be a world class CB.