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    Sonny - Guardian article re South Korea military service / Asian games

    If my mate could get out of military service in Turkey by only doing a month in a military office then surely Sonny can get out of this...
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    Fixtures Update for Supporters

    I also didn't criticise any of the work, I work across the road from the stadium site and it's remarkable what effort has gone into getting things to this point. They also haven't refunded it at all, by giving us all club credit they have lost zero money. The cost of getting to Wembley for me is...
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    Fixtures Update for Supporters

    Chances are this will be my last season due to the financial implications of now having a family etc, hence why my attendance now is limited to just league games. The cost of getting to Wembley, despite it actually being geographically closer to my house than the Lane, makes getting there...
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    Fixtures Update for Supporters

    Been away from this site for a number of years, came back towards the end of the season out of curiosity and my how this place has changed! You used to be able to share your opinion on all things Spurs without being shot down by silly little men hidden behind keyboards. :finger:
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    Fixtures Update for Supporters

    Really do think the club have handled this terrible and have emailed them saying so, not that it will make a difference. For months we've been left with tabloid speculation as to how the season would start, we bought ST's for 19 games at the new stadium and then at the last minute they let us...
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    New Club Shop

    Was blown away by the size of the shop of the Nou Camp when I visited in April, and then I remembered ours was due to be bigger! Madness
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    Poch says he's staying put

    Today was the Spanish launch of his book in Barcelona with Poch and Guillem Balague.... transcript is in the link. But basically he says he is happy with his contract, he is excited to get back to London and get going in the new stadium etc etc...
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    Stadium Webcams

    I quite enjoy checking the webcams on a regular basis to see if there's been any obvious developments going on, however some of the cams are now in locations where you can't see anything. For example the ones on the roof. Has there been any mention of moving them to see additional areas as it...
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    I don't think it was a 'negative spin'. It's just not necessarily something that I think is important to my match day experience. Much in the same way Street Food and Live Music aren't. My enjoyment of a match day is solely based on the result from the actual football pitch, however it would...
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    I don't think they're particularly looking for actual fans here folks, seems more just happy clappy people outside the stadium a bit like those pink people that swarmed all over London 2012
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    Photos of our new stadium

    I work in the area so swung by the tiny little club shop (waste of time) and took these today
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    Sleeve sponsor

    Bring back football!! This commercial world of sleeve sponsors, dug out sponsors, official mattress suppliers and such like is not for me. Before too long players will be contracted to have logos shaved into their hair
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    Wanyama rules out Tottenham exit

    I think that's a really good point. You'd think those who have gone on to be named in WC squads (Rose, Toby et al) will continue to struggle surely?
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    Pochettino: club must 'take risks' to improve

    "No for sure Daniel is going to listen to me and we can create together to help the team move on." This was left off by the BBC, included by Alasdair Gold
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    Pochettino: club must 'take risks' to improve

    Everyone is panicking after coming to the realisation that the manager has ambition. Until now Spurs have been able to match, if not surpass, those ambitions. As the clubs standing increases, ambition increases, individual ambition increases and everything needs to fall in line. Players leave...