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    Player Accomodation Block

    Teams visiting Twickenham could use it for a day or two.
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    No other club has ever had, to all intents and purposes, a government to bankroll it.
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    New Kit 17-18

    If it's true that Woolwich are soon to team with Adidas, then maybe a bit of spite at Puma's HQ is what drove them to design such an ugly kit for their final season there.
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    Player Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    He'd be Arsenal's best player. End of.
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    Shearer: Kane needs to impress at World Cup to become global star

    He's also the only current English player who's world class. Instead of having a dig at HK, the pundits should be asking why no other English player is anywhere near that level. Sadly, for both Kane personally and for the team as a whole, I can't see him getting the help he needs, simply because...
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    Shearer: Kane needs to impress at World Cup to become global star

    George Best never even played in a World Cup. How crap must he have been?
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    1981 FA Cup Final Replay

    Best performance by the 'home' team in that stadium's history.
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    Using something similar to an NFL Salary Cap

    Even if they introduced salary caps, clubs would pay players in real estate, fine art, vintage cars and other gifts, plus a whole load of other stuff they would pay clever accountants and tax advisors to handle. it would be good for the game to make the playing field a bit more level, but it...
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    Lloris: Top-four finish 'means more than a trophy' to Spurs

    Let's cast our minds back to last summer's pre-season. If anybody back then had offered us a reasonable run in this season's Champions League and a finish in the PL's top four, we'd have snapped their hand off. I'm not denying there have been disappointments and frustrating moments, but we could...
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    39/41. The ones I got wrong were in the 1901 FA Cup Final and replay.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    Unfortunately, I can believe it. This is Chelscum, after all.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    There are two other clubs who might be added to Kane's list: Championship winners Wolves, who last played in the PL in 2011/12, the season Kane made his debut for the first team (6 Europa League games and 1 goal, but no domestic games). Derby, who last played in the PL in 2007/08 (Kane didn't...
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    Mauricio on Jan’s Injury

    I agree that he's been superb this season, but I was talking about the team in general, rather than specific individuals.
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    Mauricio on Jan’s Injury

    If I'd been a Spurs player, I'd have been in no great rush to show my face anywhere in public last night.