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    Tottenham could relax strict wage structure if they qualify for the Champions League again

    Not true though... "UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Group stage There will now be 26 teams automatically qualified as per the access list drawn up from the UEFA association coefficients at the end of 2016/17. For 2018/19 they will be ... UEFA Champions League holders (1) UEFA Europa League holders (1)...
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    Dier Over Sánchez A Rare Pochettino Mistake

    Actually, stats lie 72.6 % of the time.
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    Is Eriksen the PL's top creator?

    With the goal today he has now scored 8 goals in his last 10 international games
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    Premier League 2017/18

    Sure it is definitely a harsh red card but he only has himself to blame. First yellow from being annoyed with him teammates not playing him and second he absolutely gives the ref to chance to show him off. So unnecessary when you are on a yellow.
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    Premier League 2017/18

    Haha oh god Walker :facepalm:
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    Kitchee SC Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Son 1-0. Beautiful long range effort
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    Kitchee SC Vs Tottenham: Match Thread Try that one. Son just got one but was wrongly flagged for offside. Brilliant assist by Eriksen
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    St Arseholes day

    Boxing Day?
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    What is the EFL cup ?

    Sure, he definitely played his part tonight but this is the same Shane Long who currently has 1 goal and 1 assist in 18 games for S'ton this season. By no means have Jansen blown me away but the guy is also 8 years younger and has his first season in the BPL.
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    La la la la, you're sh********t

    How did they pronounce "onllllly"? (n)
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    Newcastle Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Being played out of the park by a relegated team when we can finish runners-up. Disgrace of a performance
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    Premier League secures four Champions League places for 2017-18

    This news doesn't regard next season but the season after.
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    We gonna need a bigger pitch

    Should just place the goals on the sidelines if width is such an issue
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    We should sign this kid up now!

    Didn't even score in the first clip. Pass.
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    Ratings vs Watford

    Trippier's crosses were dangerous throughout the game (Rose could really learn something!) and his crossing also gave us the victory in the end. He gets my vote!