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    Player Watch The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    Pretty surprised by this, Is he going to get an opportunity or not? I'm a little concerned he will start in Barca and if he gets ripped to shreds people will use that as evidence he isn't good enough. Needs a run in the rotation at some point
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    The Football on TV Heads Up Thread

    Boca been poor this 2nd half, I'm amazed it took this long for them to go down to 10.
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    The Football on TV Heads Up Thread

    10 mill just got knocked off his fee.
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    The Football on TV Heads Up Thread

    I am, confused by the indirect freekick out of nowhere
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    Team v Barcelona

    Lloris Kwp Alder Vert Rose SIssoko Dier Son Eriksen Dele Kane Use sissoko to double up with kwp or have dier drop in and eriksen play deeper. Feel gutted that I cant fit winks in.
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    Match Threads Leicester City vs Spurs - Match Thread

    When is it time to set unrealistic expectations about 2 signings in Jan and a new stadium leading us to a full title tilt?
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    Rose: playing at Wembley no longer feels like an honour

    I wish Rose would maybe wait to play a few games before he rushed back into another interview, I don't think he's taken into account the cost of the Southampton tickets (FUCKING CAT B?) and he needs to appreciate around this time of the year it's hard for fans to afford to go to so many games...
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    Injury Updates

    But I felt so fresh and innovative
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    Injury Updates

    Where's the wishlist gone, I've been wanting to say that De Jong and N'Dombele are the two players we needed but we've moved too late.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    Im with you, if anything spending 6 months there is a good warm up for next year
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    I think the christmas period will be interesting for Arsenal because during united game, the amount of their players pulling up with injuries said to me that they are going to struggle to get through without losing some players. We are seemingly coping despite injury issues so hopefully that...
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    Jarrod Bowen

    Sounds like the subway nonce
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    Cengiz Under

    That paper is a load of shit and we have no room for him.
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    Team vs Leicester

    Lloris Foyth Alder Vert Trippier Dier Sissoko Rose Moura Kane Dele Im trying to give aurier, davies an extended rest, resting eriksen, son, winks for barca
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    Team V Southampton

    I think people have raised some good points and id love to see Kane rested for this one.