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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Presumably we’re close to annouing the test events in the next few weeks then? Perhaps the Chelsea match might actually be the opener.
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    The England Thread

    Im so pissed at Gareth Southgate now. He couldnt switch to the back 4 during the world cup? Like that could have very well won me $1000. Not happy.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I mean, the club hasnt done itself any favors this year. One calamitous PR disaster after another. They’ve used all the built up good will from the prior seasons and then some. Makes me think that some director who kept it all in line left and no one else in the boardroom has the slightest clue...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    If he's right and we arent in by 1/1, we should be forced to just play out the year in Wembley.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Errrm, seriously?
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    US College Football thread

    Harbaugh finally breaks out the spread offense and we dominate a top 15 opponent. Love it. Fun game. First time i had fun watching this offense in a looooong time. The spread is so entertaining and not only that, the future at QB looks real bright when Shea leaves. McCaffrey and Milton have...
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    the UFC thread

    Lewis shouldnt get a title shot yet. Even he said in his post fight he needs to work on things before being given a shot. But the reason its Lewis is likely just Cormier being a pussy. Cormier/Miocic next month would mint money again for Dana. No chance Dana doesnt do that fight if both parties...
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    Team v West Ham

    Lloris Aurier Sanchez Toby Rose Dier Winks Lamela Dele Eriksen Kane Trippier has no business starting against City so Aurier starts this and vs City. Hopefully Eriksen, Dele and Rose are fit.
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    The NFL Thread

    I dont like the Giants or the Jets. But McAdoo had it right benching him last year tbh, even though it was a desperate play by him. Giants had to move past Eli. But Giants fans and NY media refused to take it. And the Giants in there own idiocy refused to address it this off season either. Eli...
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    The NFL Thread

    Brees is incredible
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    The MLB Thread

    Pls delete thread. Fuck this sport. Boone sucks.
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    the UFC thread

    Erm, a rematch would make Dana a ton of money now, are you kidding?
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    Player Watch: Christian Eriksen

    We’re fucked
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    The NFL Thread

    Despite doing all we can to try to get Watson killed, we fucking won! Maybe next game, we block for him. What do ya say, OL, wanna do your job? Thanks. Hopkins is absolutely incredible. This Coutee kid is great. Just gotta keep winning.
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    Premier League 2018/19

    Liverpool being let off the hook in there 2 biggest matches. It’s all set up for them to win the league