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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window Pledge Thread. Sponsored by Yankspurs

    £20 - De Ligt £10 - Martial £10 - Gelson Martins If Dembele goes we need a quality replacement but can't think of anyone realistic in that mould as yet but if/when I do i'll add that too.
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    Player Matthijs de Ligt

    Alllright... News flash Big Slim!!
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    Player Ryan Sessegnon

    I really dont believe this one will happen now, not this window anyway. Isn't Sessengon supposed to be a Fulham fan? Fulham are not going to want to sell him, he's guaranteed prem first team football there, ridiculously high price tag.... all points to him staying there for now.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 22nd May

    I can see why they are though. Lots of ITK on both Martial & Pullisic at the moment. Not to mention the long standing Sessengon links. Can you really see us starting next season with Son, Dele, Moura, Eriksen, Martial/Pullisic, Sessengon & Lamela??
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    Player Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Toby won't be with us next season, Poch may be subtle but we know the signs now after Walker last year.
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    CB, LB, an Eriksen backup & a Kane backup would be top of my list. It seems to me that Toby and possibly Rose will go in the summer making CB & LB the highest priority. Sessegnon seems a superb talent but not at LB and if Fulham are wanting the in excess of 30m then it might not be the best...
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    Team v Juventus

    Juventus have won 11 games in a row in all competitions, conceding just 1 goal in those 11 games. In fact they have only conceded 1 goal in their last 16 games and those games include the likes of Barca, Napoli, Inter, Roma & Fiorentina. We are going to have to produce our absolute best to even...
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    Fernando Llorente

    Sounds like the replacement for Llorente was Batshuayi but he has rejected the idea. The chances of there being another option on top of that I think are slim.
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    Thats why I posted, everyone seems to be expecting a pure speed merchant i.e Townsend/Walcott or a poor mans Robben/Mane. He is quick but, at least at PSG, that is only a portion of his game. If people are expecting this guy who takes on his man at every chance I think they will be...
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    As others have said he really isn't anything like Townsend. I have seen a reasonable amount of Moura and I would say the player he reminds me the most of is Willian. He has pace but doesn't look to use it every time he gets the ball, he looks for the through pass just as often if not more. Most...
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    Andre Gomes

    I have to agree with nedley, there is nothing I have seen from this guy that gets me in any way excited. I am hoping its just his agent creating noise and we are looking elsewhere now.
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    Team Whispers: Who should Spurs sign in January?

    Most of the players we have been heavily linked with I would gladly take but surely people dont believe that we are going to make signings that will have significant affect this season?? I definitely hope we are busy but I am not expecting changes that will suddenly fire us into the top 4. That...
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    Team Whispers: Who should Spurs sign in January?

    Yeah im sure Crystal Palace will sell their best player in the middle of a relegation battle.....
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs APOEL

    Cant help but agree with this. Feels like a wasted opportunity.
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    Team v Apoel

    I don't want to see Dier, Verts, Eriksen or Kane in the squad. The likes of Dele, Son, Dembele, Winks shouldn't play long if at all either. Vorm KWP, Foyth, Sanchez, Rose Sissoko, TOB, Edwards, Lamela, Nkoudou Llorente