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  • too right! break up on tuesday. 6 weeks of pure unadulterated transfer speculation.

    and ss57...
    no worries mate! you've got a good memory! it's going great at the moment but i think that may have something to do with half-term ;-)
    Eek That's shocking! There's no distinction between the tabs and the broadsheets anymore, they're all as unscrupulous as eachother. That's what made me soooo angry, it went all round the world as "Berbatov told the Sun" when he never even spoke to the bloody Sun! :evil: I phoned their Sport's Desk and was fobbed off, but advised to sell them stuff in future rather than posting on Spurs forums!
    An amusing anecdote about Richie Benaud I emailed to a Sydney Morning Herald journo was copied and pasted into his column with no credit or mention that "this came to me from a reader in London" - nothing - but meanwhile they get a big fat salary for someone else doing their work! Eek
    Naughty! Never ask a lady her age! :whistle: But if I'm looking for a toy boy, I'll give you a call! :wink:

    I only know a little Bulgarian, the translator was a very kind friend of mine, Gabriella, I just tidied it up a bit into colloquial English. Got lifted by the Sun though, lock stock and barrel, with not one penny piece or credit to us, by that **** Shaun Custis. :evil:

    Keep on lightening the mood! :grin: It's fun to read, loved your "Ginger Bird" thread, and it shows not everyone on here has his head up his arse like Brasil_spur! :razz:

    LOL! I see I'm your first Friend on here! Good job I asked you! :-)
    Ha ha! :grin: Cheers for your nice message! :up: Funnily enough, I got positive and neg rep for the same post, cos that numpty from Brasil called me a "dipshit". Charming! :-|

    Your posts are very amusing, so thanks for the entertainment, and re your other request, sadly I'm too old for you, but if only. :wink:
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