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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Flog him to China, I'll drive him myself. Just give me a couple of weeks notice.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    So I suppose they will also want to ban any Sky cameras at the club too?
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    The internet/twitter age and football today.

    A good point there Danielneeds, I find it quite sad
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    The internet/twitter age and football today.

    I'm dissapointed with last night, of course I am, but I'm generally very happy with the way the club is going. I have been reading through a few threads today and it's quite shocking the level of dissatisfaction that is occurring. Poch is getting an awful lot of stick, in what in my opinion is...
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    It's a squad game!

    I'll admit I'm literally an addict of the transfer rumours forum, as I'm sure many are, but one reoccurring theme that I find a little frustrating is the constant perception we shouldn't buy player x or y because we already have a good player in their position. This is really evident in both...
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    What our opponents' fans are saying

    Claude has it right, the fans have been shit there all season, playing in an atmosphere like that definately has a detrimental affect on the team. The entire fan base feel like they are entitled to success....wankers
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    Thanks for the posts davids, interesting read, very positive all round.
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    Yeah id be very interested in that davids. I especially like Hugo was there, he seems invested in the club to me, would love him to stay for a long time.
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    Emmanuel Adebayor

    I honestly just think hes a lazy person. You get them in all walks of life why should football be different. i just want the top earner at the club i support to be fully dedicated. is it too much to ask?
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    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Nothing is concrete is it, we dont have access to training and the inner sanctum of the dressing room and the like. But if you look at evidence over time i think you get a vague picture of whats going on. The guy is such a talent and thats why i think a lot of people are frustrated with him...
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    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Why is that a joke? I've been a season ticket holder at the club for over 20 years and put a lot of money into the club. He's just taking the piss out of us. For example, name 1 other footballer that has cited a "curse" as a reason for bad form? No one believed that right?
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    Emmanuel Adebayor

    I actually cant believe that people still stick up for Ade. He is meant to be a professional footballer for one of maybe the top 20 clubs in the world. Its such a privileged position to be in. And he is quite frankly stealing wages. Money that normal working people put into the club by way of...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Gonads on the Line Edition 30th August 2013

    Keep Bale and play him at lb I say. The gooners must be sick, their club is looking incompetent right now. Braaaap.
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    Bale Media Watch - post the latest Media stories here

    I hardly ever post but I am furious with this bbc article. Has quotations in the headline that bale "wants to speak to Madrid". I read the article it doesn't say who said this, was it bale, his agent, Edna who works in the cafe? I just want to know what the agenda of the media is? Do they want...
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    Clive Allen "I'm Ready" !

    That 87 midfield is far superior to ours at the moment, 3 top world class players in there.