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    Team v Fulham

    Ok Dear, i say that too
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    Team v Fulham

    As long as Trippier replaces Aurier, and anyone else replaces Sissoko, im happy with any lineup
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    The Passing of my Father

    Very sorry to hear this. Sorry for you and sorry for the club as both have lost a great person. May he RIP.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Newcastle

    I think we experimented with a varied formation of 451 today. Sissoko and Alli both played as fullbacks at times even when we were not really attacking. I didnt like it, particularly sissoko. Him and aurier left the right side badly exposed many many times today. We need to improve especially in...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Newcastle

    The sky is blue
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    Dier on that penalty

    I put that down to nervousness rather than focus. Sometimes when youre nervous you tend to think of nothing else but the task that you need to do. Like waiting for your turn to speak in public. You cant even laugh at the joke the person before you is telling
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    Trippier on moulding his game on Beckham’s

    His value has doubled or tripled in the last few weeks. Wont be long before clubs start offering Spurs, if they havent already
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    Southgate : Kane understands selection

    Theres always more than one way to avoid that question instead of no comment mate. The art of deflecting questions trained upon many public figures so they get their key message across. Theyre all trained for this and that woukd surely include the England manager.
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    Southgate : Kane understands selection

    I dont think there was a need for southgate to talk about kane's attitude on being left out. Shouldve just kept quiet instead of making himself look like he needed to treat harry carefully and worry about harrys reaction, whih he should not, as a manager.
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    Tunisia: Dele Alli is England's key player and we must stop him

    Started well but faded badly 2nd half. Was non-existent. Trippier though. Motm performance if not for kane's 2 goals
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    Kane targets consistency for Spurs over Golden Boot

    Didnt look like that last night. His selfishness indirectly cost us a goal
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Leicester

    Lamela scored 2 goals and directly involved in the 3rd, so well done to him for the opportunistic goals, but other than that he was frustrating as f**k. Word for KWP. He's a better player than aurier. And Rose. Hes back. And hes better than Davies. Kane scored 2 beautiful goals but was not...
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    Jan joins our 250 club

    Legend already
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    Match Threads West Brom vs Spurs - Match Thread

    We're just not creative enough in the last 3rd. Lack of people running from behind. Theyre too static. Passes are too safe with no clever quick one touch passing.