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    Greatest ever spurs team (venables).

    Question to those whove been around since the 60s. How good was Danny Blanchflower? Was he a mere inspirational captain who gets in most "greatest spurs players" list because he was the captain of our double winning team, or was he really that good?
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    Greatest ever spurs team (venables).

    OMG. I have been looking for this video for a long long time without success. Watched this numerous times when i was a kid and have longed to watch it again. Thank you so much @Lilbaz
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    Player Watch: Juan Foyth

    Apparently he was poor. Seems like his risky displays at Spurs continued with Argentina. The boy has brilliant technique but needs to learn to defend tactically.
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    Gary Neville's England midfield blueprint: Harry Winks is key

    Cue the "i like gary neville" responses. Ahhhh......we have one already
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    And that kind of thought, ladies and gentlemen, is what will fail us time and time again.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    1st goal, he tried to dribble past the defender, lost it but Moura ran hard to get to the ball. 2nd goal, he tried to set the ball back to Llorente actually, and had no idea Moura was behind him. Assists yes, but they were not on purpose
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    Man of the match - Rose Mistake of the match - Kane starting. How Moura can start on the bench baffles me. Its a huge shame that the hierarchy of the club is such that Kane HAS to play in the Cup final of Cup finals despite not being matchfit. Its also a huge shame that Moura of all people...
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    Your line up for final...

    If Kane and Winks are fit, then play a solid 4-3-3 with the 3 front men playing off each other (like liverpool's front 3) rather than a rigid top man with 2 flanking him .....................Lloris........................ Trips.......Toby....Verts.........Rose...
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    The "Hands up - I got it completely wrong" Thread

    Picked up what i thought was a girl in Bangkok. Boy, was I wrong. Hands up.
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    We need better songs

    And if we lose, their fans will be singing that song to bite back at us. It'll be like we're singing about ourselves 90 minutes early. I vote NO
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    Daniel Levy pens letter to fans on final day of EPL season

    But he didnt print it out. Just typed it. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
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    Consensus on reverse St Totteringhams?

    Its fantastic that we finish above them. Fans of Spurs are just putting up tough guy faces if they think that it does not matter. However, we should not bring ourselves down to their level by trying to look for a name. That's just lame and pathetic.
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    Consensus on reverse St Totteringhams?

    i hope you didnt tell her you were actually a spurs fan after your disappointing show
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    20 Glenn Hoddle quotes

    A trillion miles for me. I love Glenn Hoddle
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    Correct. We always play 4231, but with son and moura providing the speed, and both able to play off-centte, the 433 would be perfe t for the 3 of them to shine. As much as i despise liverpool, the 433 is really making them shine this season. We have the armoury to do so as well with kane, moura...