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    Chelsea Vs Tottenham: FA Cup Match Thread

    I am having very unspursy thoughts of winning comfortably ....I do apologise
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    Playing week in week out at Wembley will be tough to start with but over an entire season the team will learn how to do this. Going forwards this will help us win big matches at the bigger stadiums. Including silverware. COME ON YOU SPURS
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    The Greatest: Jimmy Greaves

    I don't post often but maybe someone can officially petition the club for a statue at the new White Hart Lane ?
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    Spurs in Canada

    @TorontoYid Sorry mate I only use this forum on my phone atm and only in background as i rarely post anything. Didn't mean to rate your post ... Fat fingers!!!! Have removed the rating for you. Again sorry for the confusion. ( was in this thread as half my family live in Ajax / Hamilton /...
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    Pledges - If we win the league

    Long weekend at a posh hotel in Leicester. Tattoo done when back at home ☺
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    The Race to the Title

    Win , lose or draw tomorrow I just hope and pray that we come away without injuries. They are going to play it like a win at all costs cup final which spells danger in regards to our players getting hurt. The plus side could be that they are vulnerable to our fast counter attacks. ( I am more...
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    West Ham Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Both teams will be right up for this , so will both set of fans. As such it will be 0-0 but the best 0-0 ever seen ☺
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    I F@&?in Love Spurs Right Now!!

    Have long standing promise to get my first tattoo ( of any kind ) of THFC ( in a kind of modern tribal design ) if we ever win the league. I've bean fan since the late 70's. In May I hope to start a thread asking for the best tattooist that is also a spurs fan :)
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    Poch: ‘To try to win the title we need more, step by step,’

    Well I am sat in a hotel bored and I don't post very often .... Usually lurk in the background laughing at the over reactions of some when we concede a goal! So I'd like to contribute and throw my hat into the stupidily over optimistic basket (case) and say that if we do beat that lot on Sunday...
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    3rd richest owner in the PL

    Would I love if it spurs won the league with some oil money ( or any ) super rich owner.... hell yeah!!! But thats not happening anytime soon so right now we are one of the best run clubs in the EP outside of those with bigger resources.. PERIOD. No matter what you think of enic and Lewis and...
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    If we do not sign anymore new players

    As a spurs fan of over 30 years I can say this , it is all doom and gloom ! However as a spurs fan of over 30 years I also 100% believe we will sign more , play better and have an season full of beating gooners , chavs and mancs. COYS
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    Buy "ordinary" Experience or Coach what we have debate

    I would believe into this coach over buy philosophy if poch can keep Kane scoring at the rate he is and somehow instill confidence into soldado. I still have , very misguided and 100% stupidity , faith that soldado will come good . Please do not ask why I have this faith or I will have to...
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    Attributes of a Captain

    HI everyone , I do not post very often but passively read all the rants and raves of everyone. We are about to choose our new captain of our beloved club so am wondering what actually makes a good captain? Certain values have to be within the player , obvious ones being are a natural leader...
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    Hillsborough e-petition

    Signed. I know someone who was in the stadium and how seriously he was effected . It took him over. 10 years to be able to go inside another stadium.