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  1. roosh

    Premier League Predictions - online pundits

    I'm in a predictions league with a few of my mates. The game is the standard predict the score of matches type game, where you get 3pts for a correct score and 1pt for a correct result. I'm just wondering if anyone knows any online pundits that have a respectable track record with predicting...
  2. roosh

    SC Spurs Quizup

    Can we sort it out? I've registered with my facebook; colin mangan
  3. roosh

    Online tipsters

    Anyone come any good online tipsters, on any websites?
  4. roosh

    Superbowl in-play

    Anyone any good bets? I'm not much of a gambler so don't have much of a clue. Backed Seahawks to reach 40pts at 3.50 on Bet365. Layed it off by backing neither to reach 40pts at 1.28
  5. roosh

    Are gonna be...

    shit forever?? [lock it now] hashtag: probably !
  6. roosh

    Rabbit's feet, lucky pants, Spur's fortunes hinge upon what you do....

    I genuinely believe thaat what I do has a impact on how we do! "jesus sir, he cured me" "alms for an ex-leper..." "you luckayyyyyyyyyyyy, luckayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, bastard..." they only hung me the right way up yesterday when I started into Buddhism Harry took over; when I was a year in, I...
  7. roosh

    What does Sherwood have to do..... warrant keeping the job? Just want to see what people would want to see Sherwood achieve this season to justify giving him another season. What do people expect of him and what do people expect of a manager of Spurs? Is 4th a minimum requirement? Is a top 6 finish with good performances...
  8. roosh

    Song for Tim Sherwood...

    you've got a decent manager, we've got Tim Sherwood, you've got a decent manager, we've got Tim Sherwood....
  9. roosh

    Song for spurs; for the Y [space] id army...

    ...just in case "We were born to sing for spurs, we werrrre born to sing for spurs"
  10. roosh

    Song for Wenger

    apologies, I usually don't advocate a song against the pedro, but I kinda like the one I just made up. to the air of snow patrol's "light up" sign up, sign up, as if you have a choice, you're on the register Wenger
  11. roosh

    The let's not fire our manager thread

    this thread will lose all credibility when we arrive at a point when we should sack AVB - which isn't even close. only starting this bcos my mate said he thought AVB was wank. the fact that i'm even starting this doesn't bode well for AVB! let's actually stick, instead of twisting for the...
  12. roosh

    Enfield training ground

    Is it possible for members of the public to go to the Enfield training ground and do spurs hold open training sessions, where people can go and watch a training session? If so, is there public transport which goes out there?
  13. roosh

    Goal difference or Head to Head?

    Just wondering if anyone knows how the groups will be decided if teams end up on the same points; is it goal difference or head to head?
  14. roosh

    Prepare for next season

    I know that this season isn't over yet; there is still all to play for on the final day. Personally I can see us finishing fifth, but that isn't the purpose of this thread. The prupose of this thread is to prepare for next season, and in particular, the Arsenal games. We all know whats coming...
  15. roosh

    To end all hope

    Just for those that are holding out any lingering remnants of hope, spare yourself the anxiety and inevitable let down. Under normal circumstances I would also be holding out some hope, but we're going into the final 3 games of the season with a manager who has absolutely no incentive to see us...
  16. roosh

    Levy's face

    I didn't get to see the everton game live, bcos of time difference, but I saw the highlights on skyplayer. At one point you could hear the crowd singing "North London is ours" - I don't think it was the say no to stratford version - but in the highlights reel it cut to Levy and he gave a...
  17. roosh

    A song for Harry & the team

    This might be a bit of fun or incredibly shit (I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter, or even a combination of the two, but most likely it will be shit in some way). I'm teaching english to elementary school kids in Korea at the moment, and one of the songs that I've used is "Old...
  18. roosh

    VDV handball?

    Just wondering if there are any good replays VDV's goa; which, perhaps, zoom in on it? just wondering if it was a handball - it looked like it might have been.
  19. roosh

    Song for Luka

    bcos the search function is disabled, I couldn't find an existing Song for Modric thread, so I said I'd start a new one. If we don't sell him during the summer then, instead of booing him, perhaps we can come up with a song for him - particularly bcos Chelsea will surely have a song about him...
  20. roosh

    Seb Larsson

    Available on a free transfer. He seems a decent player from what I've seen of him. Could provide cover or competition on ther right side of midfield. I knowwe have enough players in this department, currently, but would he be a decent acquisition?