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    The 2018/19 UEFA Champions League: Road to Madrid.

    Return flights Luton to Barcelona booked £66...can’t complain!
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    I had £2.50 on Lukaku to score a header & Brighton to score a penalty Request a Bet yesterday @ 125/1 - so that was a nice return of £315, right before HT as well! Covered a few for tonight as well, definitely make the game more interesting to watch!
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know if we leave the credit in our account whether this can then be used against future tickets (Liverpool, Cardiff, Cup etc)? I would've thought so, as it was the case with the Fulham game but on the email they sent yesterday it says: "If you wish...
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    I know, especially as it wasn't what I was supposed to put on! Looking at the positives, it pays for my day at Wembley on Saturday - so can't complain too much!
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    I had an absolute mare on Saturday, put a £5 10 fold acca on - 5 btts & 5 Over 2.5...turned out I selected Under 2.5 accidently... odds were 311/1. On 75mins all of the btts had come in & but 4/5 other games had 2 goals cashed out for £178, as I thought one of those games was bound to...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread DEADLINE DAY!

    I've been preparing myself for 0 signings for the last couple of weeks, as its looked more and more likely as each day has passed, so I'm feeling a bit non-plussed with the latest info tbh. My worry is we sell the rumoured players today (Toby, Rose, Dembele) and leave ourselves in a weaker...
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    59th Minute Applause

    Said it in the match thread, but was a proper emotional night for our lot. Seeing his empty seat was hard work to say the least. Looking forward to seeing Joel sitting in it for the Leicester game. So glad the minutes applause got a good response, Steve would’ve loved it. Well done for...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Watford - Match Thread

    We’re still not sure mate, was a complete shock. Sat next to him at the semi on the Saturday, texting him moaning about the game Sunday morning and then find out he passed away Sunday evening. He was a northern yid who’s been going home and away for the best part of 50 years, so was glad he got...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Watford - Match Thread

    Emotional night for me and my group tonight as our close friend passed away last Sunday, the semi-final at Wembley being the last place we saw him. Thank you to anyone who joined in with the 59th minute applause. The football was secondary tonight, but glad we got the win. RIP Pottsy
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    Well to be fair it's not like the amount of Scum fans in the ground will have much influence on the team...this is Arsenal after all :D. Although you would hope 80k+ Spurs fans would play a part...
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    Fair enough, and I don't disagree was just pointing out that the Scum seem to know how to get a result at the new Wembley and we should be wary. Although as you say, their cup exploits probably have no bearing on how they'll do there in the league... For what it's worth I think we'll win.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    I think this weekends game is massive but my biggest fear is Arsenal know how to get a result at Wembley - they love it there...unbeaten in their last 9 since losing to Birmingham in the League Cup final in 2011: April 12, 2014: Wigan 1-1 Arsenal (Arsenal won 4-2 on penalties); FA Cup semifinal...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Definitely had level 1, as that's where all of my group were sat - row 1 as well.
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    Juventus away

    Sounds like allocation will be roughly 1800-2000, imagine points wise it'll be around 350+...
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    The Cricket Thread

    I've mentioned in this thread before, but I'm good friends with Alex Hales, and to be fair the story he told me is exactly the same as what Piers has tweeted...They're hoping the 2 guys will come forward to corroborate.
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    Tottenham vs Dortmund: CL Edition Match Thread

    I read somewhere that they had 4,200...which is probably about right as away teams can request up to 5% allocation in European fixtures.
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    West Ham Away ?

    I think the culmination of £30 tickets, our rise in success & the poor home experience (this season) has seen an increase in demand for away tickets. Which is annoying as it means more often than not it'll be the top 5% that take majority of tickets for each game. As I said, I think this needs...
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    West Ham Away ?

    ST holders only have 4 (or 5, not sure) years worth of points as well, for example my Dad goes to practically every home and away game and loses hundreds of points each season. But as he has been so often the season before, he always stays above the cut-offs - think he's on 570 now. This is...
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    West Ham Away ?

    It will be yes, may not be 300+ but will be v high as it's a big London derby game. The cut off for loyalty points is getting higher and higher, I think they're going to have to think about balloting a percentage of the tickets soon to give others a chance. I'm quite lucky that I go with a...
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    West Ham Away ?

    It'll probably be a 300+ point cut off anyway...