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    Best open-source football stats website?

    Also interested in this.
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    Player Watch Player watch: Son Heung-min

    I know this has probably been answered a million times but do SK have to win for him to get exemption? Or will a runners up medal do it.
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    Donna's Deadline Day Bingo

    Difficult Stadium World-Class Manager Academy Contract
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    Wembley Season Ticket Roll Call

    Block 135 row 7 seat 56
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    Dani Alves

    'Triffic idea
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    Player Watch: Kevin Wimmer

    Didn't play though... He's close to returning and back in full training.
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    Player Watch: Kevin Wimmer

    Muscle injury... Was at the ground yesterday and not in the match day squad, he warmed down with the unused players.
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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    The manager obviously rates him highly to bring him on over Son and he's clearly got potential. Our beloved Harry didn't set the world alight to begin with...
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    Tottenham Vs Crystal Palace

    He's got a massive cock he has, the Jan the Jan. He tucks it in his sock he does, the Jan the Jan. He f**ks his bird and now she's dead, he swings his cock up round his head, Jan Vertonghen Tottenham's superman Na na na.... Jan Vertonghen, Tottenham's superman. There are a few variations of it.
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    Pleased people are getting through... I've been an absolute jobsworth and sent an e mail to the club asking them to look at the e ticketing system and to look at using the loyalty points system in situations like this.
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    120 phone calls, nothing yet.
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    Friendlies 16/17

    I've read he was injured for the Rotheram game
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    Champions League Final

    Didn't fancy him at all.
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    The Media Agenda

    Can't stand that muppet.
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    Levy spoke about all the fans clamouring for a defensive midfielder over the summer and Poch said that he was convinced that he could turn Dier into a effective DM, and that he only wanted a midfielder of a special player was available. Levy kept saying that this was Poch's skill and is why we...
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    Levy said that the stadium had be designed with atmosphere in mind and that like minded supporters who want chant would be kept together. Hugo and Poch spoke about how the fans can be a 12th man when they are behind the team. Hugo said that he loves how close the fans are to the pitch and Poch...
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    Levy was asked about our season away and sarcastically said that Brady wouldn't share the OS with us. He reiterated his commitment to staying in London and that Wembley was our first choice, with a restriction of not opening up the top tier and having the attendance around 50k. He said that he...
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    So we were ushered into the very impressive Lilywhite house at about 5:20PM, after some posh looking sandwiches they wheeled the guests out. The first question was directed at Levy, where a fan told him that we must sign a striker for when the window opens. Levy said how difficult it was to...
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    Q&A with Levy, Pochettino and Lloris

    Ok, I'll write something tonight. The night started with Mauricio being asked what he did to turn the team from 'boys to men' and he just burst out laughing, mind in the gutter.