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    Match Ratings vs Stoke City

    modric by far....he was the only midfielder to keep shape during the second half...the rest disappeared inviting stoke to mount pressure...but still 3 point so wahey...
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    THUDD v Everton

    with zoko's lack of movement today, (and so, not dragging a man away) it made it difficult for the gentle giant to spray the ball around the park like he normally does-we missed jenas badly today...
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    Where is GDS?

    no no it was def him with the other spurs guys who went out before the players!
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    Where is GDS?

    is he injured? he's not in the squad, just seen him on ss2 just before the players went out... apologies if this has already been answered!
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    Hull City (H): Stoof's Shout

    In the wise words of kanye...'what doesnt kill us will only make us stronger' or something along those the positivity of some of the fans...its the way we ALL need to be...we were the better team against hull but i felt the players were too nervous to take a chance with a killer...
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    Where can I watch the England and Wales games online

    can i please have a pm? pretty please?
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    When Berbs visits the lane for Manc U...

    that just makes me love him more...yeah lets focus on our team, not his! COYS
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    Boro v Spurs - Live Media Coverage

    thanks but ive tried all of says "can not access sopcast service" im a donkey on the edge...
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    Boro v Spurs - Live Media Coverage

    every sopcast link i try says "no peers to connect" what am i doing wrong?
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    but he did stay at bayer for ages...even when they were doing shizen...but here's to hoping...
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    Do we seriously need a new number 1?

    no i dont think so...i think robbo has the ability...but imagine what he could do with a solid defence in front of him...even the best (and im not saying he's the best but we did manage two top 5 finishes with him) get lots of stick for mistakes...i think we need a gk coach and another top class...
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    White Hart Lane directions please

    i did indeed PT...had a really good seat too! i'd forgotten how magical it is...will def try get there more often!
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    White Hart Lane directions please

    ha ha thanks guys, as for the entrance with the ticket office-which entrance is that?
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    White Hart Lane directions please

    thanks mate! victoria line is closed with bus there another way? over ground?
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    White Hart Lane directions please

    heading to the game today, havent been whl in years! getting the train and meeting dudes at the "main entrance" where the ticket office is... first of all, whats the nearest station? and which entrance? thanks guys!
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    Berbs vs Henry

    reckon milan would go for him...they really need a striker...leave berba alone!
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    Poll: Defensive Midfielder

    good shout...him or lucho g...havent seen veluso play but everyone seems to rate him...
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    Downing - that left midfielder....

    very shrewd by levy and co...and fair play-he is way over priced...good but not worth 9mil...were we not linked with david silva-isnt he a left winger?
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    SPURS v MAN UTD - Live Media Coverage

    what channel is tvu? how come whenever i click on the links from the p2p site...nothin happens apart from opening the program...
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    SPURS v MAN UTD - Live Media Coverage

    anyone got a link to sopcast? everytime i click it on my p2p...nothing happens...