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    I just read we will have limited funds in january! Levy saying we have enough quality in the squad. Eek looks like Diarra and Defoe will have to wait..
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    Rosina?? Who knows what his like..?
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    With all these "whos getting sacked" and "we need to do this" threads going round. Thought i'd just ask who is your favourite current spurs player? and why.. Mine was Bentley but not on current form :-|
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    What to do with Corky

    Some people on this site have said his best at RB,CB and some even think he would be a decent DM What would you do with him once Hutton is fit? assuming King never fully recovers.. The obvious answer is back-up CB, but does anyone think differently that he could be make the first 11 when we are...
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    On the topic of DM's why could he not be tried? i no he was shithouse for us when he was used last year.. but far out our CM's look like girls these days just thought id get some views :hello:
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    What to do with JJ..

    Now i just want to say this is not a JJ banging thread. I personally love Jermaine :-) But in saying that i just thought i would ask for a few views on what we should do with our JJ ? we have sorta tried him out as a defensive midfielder i dont think it worked. his a solid box to box CM but...
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    What would be your perfect spurs 11 after august 31st. ? include LIKELY signings if required gomes corluka,king,woodgate,BAE bentley,modric,jenas,bale gio Huntellar
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    would you do it??? BERBATOV PODOLSKI? or BERBATOV KEANE? or would u only if berbatov left?? :violin:
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    Jermaine Jenas

    Most people on this site seem to have written our own jermaine of for the next season. :shrug: easily in my views our best midfielder, im not 100% sure on his age and cant be bothered looking but im sure he'd be around 23/24 now really if he is ever gona be wat we want it has to be this season...
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    if we had to..

    if tottenham somehow ran out of funds :duh: wich player we have been linked with would u most desire. assuming me keep king berba. :beer:
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    harry was F***ing good against iraq today any thoughts people..
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    team you would pick for the first game next season.. please no unrealistic players who we are not linked with. im just bored by the way :)
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    kewell anyone?? as in the read above wouldnt be a bad bet wouldnt pay f**k all for him tho..
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    Stéphane Mbia anyone watch much french footy ? any thoughts ? :shrug: