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  1. teddyboy

    Hear me out

    OMG...!! Is this thread for real...!?!? Did you see how much money Benitez spent on very very very average players at Liverpool...?
  2. teddyboy

    Would we benefit from selling Modric this summer?

    Its a tricky one - but he definitely went missing yesterday, and in a number of games prior to the semi-final. He might as well have had a blue shirt on yesterday... For all his quality he doesn't score enough goals for me. I guess I would be happy to take £35m+ and see what else is out...
  3. teddyboy

    sack him

    I don't agree with your view on the Cahill thing but that to oneside are you serious about Bassong..!?!?! He is only ever good enough to be cover, at best...
  4. teddyboy

    sack him

    I'm not sure getting rid of Harry is the answer, but I do feel our lack of ambition, possibly at boardroom level, during the last two transfer windows has been a major factor. Letting Cahill go to Chelski was, IMO, a bad mistake - even if he would have cost us 10m to 15m it would still have...
  5. teddyboy

    Levy on BBC Radio 4 saying Harrry wont go...

    Thanks for the info codspur. I'm off to punch my colleague on the noise for raising my hopes... I'll probably spend the rest of the morning crying in the toilet...
  6. teddyboy

    Levy on BBC Radio 4 saying Harrry wont go...

    Having just arrived at the office, in somewhat of a bad state after having drowned my sorrows last night. A colleague has said chin up mate, Levy was on the radio this morning saying Harry won’t go... Did anyone else hear this, is it true? Has Levy really got balls of steel..?? Any info...
  7. teddyboy

    Redknapp Out; Villas-Boas In

    For me the lake of goals from the strikers is a big issue here – there’s been far too many games this season where we’ve had more than enough chances to score 4+ goals a game, but for whatever reason it just hasn’t happened. I think if we had a couple of strikes that could bag 18/20 goals each...
  8. teddyboy

    The Race For 4th

    Can’t help but feel proper gutted about how we’ve slip up this season - I know the premiership has been very unpredictable this season but even still we have thrown away an awful lot of points... I’ll always be Spurs, always! But it does make me think we are cursed the way things always turn...
  9. teddyboy

    Kenwyne Jones

    Kenwyne..?? I can't go on anymore...!! I must be honest I haven't been on SC for some time now as I can't handle the pain that the Lillywhites are causing at present, and from the look of things it isn't gonna get much better any sooner. Anyway I’m still just about reading bits and bobs here...
  10. teddyboy

    To email or not

    you forgot to mention that Levy and his band of monkies are prize bunch of C*£#s...!!! :hump:
  11. teddyboy

    We Have to Get Behind Juande

    I'd appreciate a break from consistency if you don’t mind - especially when you consider we’ve been consistently shit since we won the league cup... :shrug:
  12. teddyboy


    Divorce....!! :hump:
  13. teddyboy

    Hoddle anyone?

    To the original post, there is only one man that should be brought back…!!! B M J :bow::dance::bigsmile::bow::up::lol::pray:8-);-):clap::razz::bowdown:
  14. teddyboy

    Berbatov's comments...

    That son of a bitch broke my heart in the way that he treated us. I used to hold him in such high regard, even though he was one lazy arse mother fucker of a striker. It just seems that every time you see anything in the media about football it seems to open up old wounds for us poor old...
  15. teddyboy

    Mass Protest at the Lane this sunday?

    At the end of the day money is to Daniel Levy what the Ring is to Smegal. Sir Alex and his hoard of Orcs turn up with a suitcase full of money and levy starts whispering “my precious” to himself…! It’s all about the money to him and that is clear for all to see.
  16. teddyboy

    Pictures from the past that bring a smile to our faces

    He was so Spurs through and through.... :cry:
  17. teddyboy

    I'm to blame for our bad start..

    Shanks it doesn't matter how bad it gets but you can't bet against us.... that’s like treason at least bet on us drawing first.... :up:
  18. teddyboy

    Pictures from the past that bring a smile to our faces

    Yank_Spurs you're a £#c@ing prick....